GameNotes October 8, 2019

Clever of me to schedule a non-post this morning so I could obsessively meet my daily posts at 7 am.  All are usually written the night before and scheduled.  I did a post a day on all four of my blogs in July, 28 posts a week as my spouse kept reminding me.  After that marathon, I devised a new post schedule so each blog gets at least one post a week, all on different days, so there’s something every day of the week, somewhere.  It has worked out pretty nicely, and I have not missed a day since I began the schedule in August.  Can’t miss that post!  So here’s today’s post, late in the day, but still on the day, and it counts.   Like you care, la la la.

I’ve been happily playing the SWG Emu again, and have been talking with people in GenChat, unlike me, but if time is limited there, and it looks like it is, I want to get to know the people and enjoy my fellow Galaxies fans.

By chance, I looked at the subReddit for the emu, and there was a recent interview by Mobyus1 with one of the lead developers, LordKator.  It was fantastic, and revealed so much about the Project, where it is, where it is potentially going.  The EMU is now working to finish the ground game which includes the Imperial Crackdown and some other details, then when that is work is complete, they’ll wipe Basilisk and open the permanent server, usually referred to as Suncrusher.  The space game will not be implemented before this happens.  They hope to find people who are “passionate” about the space game and have particular skill sets that are required to bring that to life.  The end of the test server era is at hand.

It was always my plan to not move to the new server and start anew.  I plan to do all the things I wish to do and try out before Basilisk ends.  Then my Galaxies time would be done.

Listening to LordKator’s enthusiasm about what the new server might be like, and hearing how his wife also loves the game, and would like to offer new quests, and just all sorts of possibilities, I found myself thinking, OK, if I can only have two characters (the number you can have is in no way decided.), what would I have.  Ranger first.  Then split a crafter with character two.  Tailor and Architect?  Tailor and Armorsmith?   Maybe.

Watch the video, it is really enjoyable:


Battle for Azeroth: Visions of N’Zoth       On the Warcraft Front, coming soon to the PTR Battle for Azeroth: Visions of N’Zoth.

There’s a ton of new content incoming.  See the Icy Veins link above for detailed information.

I find the Assaults and Horrific Visions intriguing, and almost would like to go on the PTR to to try them out. No time, though.  I’ll have to read what others think.  Without having experienced it, I like the story flow of the new content.  Using Uldum and The Vale of Eternal Blossoms to stage some of these events is a great idea, I love both areas and am glad to see them using the Old World, as it used to be called.

The part I’m whiny about is the Vulpera Allied Race going to the Horde.  It’s the only new race I would really have wanted to play, and Alliance has only the Mechagnomes, a bit carelessly recycled from Mechagon.

Note: I keep forgetting to look, but I see all three of the realms I have characters on still have layering in effect.  I think they should just take it off all realms and be done with it.


World of Warcraft Classic

All my characters need potions as they advance, and they haven’t money to buy any.  My Druid/Alchemist has been this week’s main character.  In fact, she was in a good group quite late last night knocking out quests galore, which is why this morning’s post wasn’t there, in truth.  If you get a good group, you gotta stick with them for as long as possible.

I do have a couple of characters in a guild, and once they have potions, I’ll try to get them in dungeon runs.  I can’t send them in helpless though.

My Druid’s level 16 quest to get the sea lion form was quite an experience.  For the first part, Trial of the Lake, she had to find a Shrine Bauble in Lake Elune’ara in Moonglade.   It’s a large lake, essentially featureless except for a few mounds underwater with two air bubble locations to help you stay underwater where you could search and search.  I finally found the bauble, way flat on the floor of the lake, so easy to miss.

I feel it was a fair quest that made me really really want to get the sea lion form.  Really bad.   One you find the bauble, you have to scoot on a timer (what fiends they were for timers!) over to the Shrine of Remulos, use the bauble then turn in the quest with the quest person being snippy the whole while about you running out of time.  All I could think about was how bad I’ve always been in timed tests, and anything I ever knew would go out the window as I watched the clock tick down and my mind was frozen.

Next, for the Trial of the Sea Lion, you’ve got to find two parts of a pendant and put them together.  One part is in Darkshore and the other in Westfall.   By now, I just wanted to finish the dang sequence.  So I looked at Wowhead’s often useful comments section.  This is a case where, for the Darkshore quest, there were many unnecessarily conflicting bits of advice.  Do not, for instance go to the Cliffspring River mouth then swim west into the ocean.

Go to the mouth of the river and swim due north to two little islands you see on the map.  My cursor is right on the spot.


Look for these island outcroppings.  The chest is on the backside of these and down in the water.  There are a manageable number of Threshers level 17 and 18 swimming around.  I only had to fight one of them.

The second half of the pendant is in Westfall.  Luckily, I had spent time with my character there trying to gather herbs, and get my Herbalism and Alchemy skills up.  All I needed to do was take the boat to Menethil, fly to Stormwind, fly to Sentinel Hill.   Go to the Gold Coast Quarry, head straight out into the water (there are a fair few Murlocs, no surprise).   Not far out there will be a continental shelf type drop off, with a sunken ship and another bubble breathing rock thingie.

The chest is right there, and away you go, back to Moonglade, back to the Shrine of Remulos to put the halves together.  Inconveniently the quest turn in is in the farthest up and right building in Nighthaven.  Not over!  Go to Darnassus now and talk to the second floor Druid trainer who gives you the Sea Lion form and a nice belt.

Upcoming Games

Reminder to self:  Some upcoming games that sound most interesting.

The Outer Worlds   October 25, 2019

System Shock 3

System Shock Remastered

Brassheart  2020

Syberia the World Before

Blacksad Under The Skin   November 5 2019

GameNotes October 1, 2019

This week it’s all about that gnarly level 20 Warlock quest to get the Succubus.  I actually can’t stand that pet, and never use her in the current game.  All that squealing, gasping, whip cracking. So annoying.  Even so, in Classic it’s a Class Quest and so it must be done.

I took the ship from Menthil Harbor to Theramore Isle.  I then wended my way along the road you see part of leading out of Theramore.  Everything in Dustwallow Marsh is way over my head, but I just kept running.  I never died, but lost my Voidwalker several times to spiders and crocs.   Most annoyingly, the map above never filled in at all, even as I made my way into the Barrens themselves where everything was right at level.

This meant running up the road and down the road (The Gold Road and it’s variations) looking for the camp of my quest guy.


The camp isn’t near the road enough so you see the tents or the gold dot for the quest turn in as you run by.  If you’re in Ratchet, you’ve gone too far!  (I did not get that far before I turned around.)

Finally, comparing a Wow Head map with details filled in, to my approximate position on the big blank map, I turned in off the road and voila.


So you make your way across the world to see this guy, and he sends you to Ashenvale.  AGGHH!


Riiight, you say, Ashenvale isn’t far away.  And the moon is in the sky.   After all the time I spent getting to this guy, it took another hour perhaps to find a way through the Stonetalon Mountains, past grubbly little Horde guys, to get to Ashenvale.  I love the Astranaar area, luckily, and have never been so glad to see it.  Done for the night on this quest.

Next log in, I make my way to the Heartwood, with wizards and warlocks galore spawning and re-spawning quickly all around.  You can see the interactive gear when you hover your mouse over the tree, but it’s grayed out, except for a sweet spot on a root of the tree which I finally found.

Then back to Stormwind to fight a Succubus in the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb so you can have one to call your own.  The fight itself was simple and my Voidwalker handled most of it.

Got her, stuck her in a sack, back out questing with the Voidwalker.  Can’t wait to see what the next Class quest for Warlock is.


Battle For Azeroth Wrapup

The story wrap up seems awfully rushed, barely acknowledging the Alliance.    I liked Kaylriene’s summation for the most part

and just can’t figure out why they started the whole thing in the first place.   If they allow the Horde and Alliance to work together going forward, I’ll be happy, though I will not say it was all worth it.   With Blizzcon now just a few weeks out, I may get a ticket this time to see the drama of what comes next unfold.


Oops hit publish early..zzzzz

GameNotes September 24, 2019

World of Warcraft Classic

I’m still enjoying the Classic game.  I find it immersive and always interesting.  Though I am using Wowhead’s guides to the Classes, I find myself playing them very much as I do on the BFA servers.   In fact, I’ve gotten over the newness of it all enough so that I’m just playing as I do, working on crafts, trying to push ahead on the characters that are most appealing.  Not quite power leveling, but trying to figure out how I can fill that xp bar just a bit faster.

I love the grouping built in, and I’ve been starting groups myself for some boss types or kill 20 of these type quests.  It isn’t easy for me, but it certainly is smoother.  Also, I am not playing this version of the game not to play with others, I can solo anytime, anywhere, but right now, I don’t care to.   I’ve changed my mind on dungeons, and am working my way to level my Paladin and Warrior to send them on in.  They can do it!

Where everyone’s at

Warlock  Level 21

Paladin  Level 13

Warrior   Level 13

Druid  Level 13

Hunter   Level 5

Mage  Level 3

Rogue  Level 3

Priest   Level 6


Gnome who I beat to a node gives me a ton of conjured foods.

Kind soul helps me get Hogger when noone is nearby to group with.

Higher level Priest guildie follows me around for a bit so I can kill the dread 20 harvesters.  Stack em up!

Class Quests

Level 5 Priest cures a Mountaineer with a specific rank of Lesser Heals, then uses Fortitude on him.

Warrior kills Dead-tooth Jack, gets a key, finds she has to go back and kill him again to access a container at his feet for the actual quest item.  This is why people were talking about keys in General Chat!

Warlock level 20 Quest, she has to go to the Barrens!!! I’ll have to research how to even get there.  The way I know would be to go through Stranglethorn to Booty Bay and sail to Ratchet, making my way from there.  Apparently I could take a boat to Theramore from Menethil also?

My Warlock is my main, still.  At Level 21 she is bouncing between Westfall, Redridge and Loch Modan.

I did finish the Loch Modan and Algaz areas, and made the Wetlands run in cool comfort, right at level with everything there so there were no one shots from Crocs this time around.  Nothing approached me.  I kept an eye out for low levels making the desperate run so I could help them if they needed it, as others helped my lowbie Hunter on her run.

Stormwind, My Stormwind!

I find myself looking at all of the little details as I walk through the city.  The bricks, the fiery wall sconces at night, the moon over the Dwarven District.

I love this Stormwind.  There are however a couple of places where I go to make a turn and there is no turn there.  I haven’t explored the whole city, but it is on my list.


Battle For Azeroth, aka The Current Game

As immersed as I am in old Azeroth, the upcoming patch reminds me I have quite a bit of work to do on Reputations.  I spent some time on those.   I love the game overall, and have no understanding of the competition that players have between the two versions.   It makes me happy every time I log into Boralus and hear the music.   There is a ton to do at max level, far beyond just raids, and I’m thankful for that.   My thinking for a long time has been, not that the game “caters” to hardcore or casuals, but that it does a rather amazing job of providing something for players of all levels, interests, and play styles.   That is why it is still here and thriving at the 15 year mark.

GameNotes September 17, 2019

Another week of not much time to play.  I did get my Warlock to level 20, a Warrior to level 10.  A variety of others inching along.

On my mind this week is that any time a character is in Stormwind, there’s a ton of things they need to do there before heading back out.  It’s easy to spend half an hour or more, and it really all needs to be done if my character wants to stay alive.

Get Class or Weapon Training.

Level Cooking with items I store in the bank, then have to haul over to Old Town to use cooking the fire there.

Level other Crafts with materials also stored in the bank because I haven’t the inventory space to carry them around.  Go visit the craft trainer to see if I can get new recipes.

Work on Fishing while there, if I remember, which I usually don’t. Only one character, a Hunter, has decent Fishing Skills.

Mail useful items to alts.

Then off we go.


I love the Class Quests.  My Warrior has one to kill a character named Dead-Tooth Jack.  That’s pretty great right there. I bet he’s soooo easy!


I like my Warrior, and was at first glad not to have mana issues.  Then I found she was a noodle with Rage issues.  I created a second one on another server to see if I could stop being so twitchy, and let the Rage be produced before I try to whack something.   I think I have it now.  We’ll see how Warrior #1 does against Jack.   Both Warriors are Arms because my Current Game Warriors are, and I’m familiar with it.

I think the use and over-use of Auto Attack throws me off.  I never use it in the Current Game, never.   Then again, there are tons of things that are wildly useful here, honestly, at the lower levels, just about everything is useful.   In the Current Game, I pick up tons of trash just to sell to a vendor for repairs.  All the things you actually need don’t drop much, by comparison.

More to write, but 1 am and zzzzzzz.  Safe travels!

GameNotes September 10, 2019

Small notes this week, not much play time, and none over the weekend-but I guess nobody else could play either.

My general thoughts;

To my surprise I don’t think I’ll go in a dungeon anytime soon.  My Warlock certainly has the level, but I haven’t any faith in her ability to fire off spells quickly and efficiently as you want to do in a dungeon.  It’s all soooo slow.  Mana is always an issue.  I’m sure it is for others as well, but I’m responsible for me, not them.  If I can’t do it well, then I’m not ready to do it.  We shall see.  Maybe another class will be more confidence inspiring.

It’s not going to be the large, bulky bear who I can’t even see around.

I kind of like my Paladin and Arms Warrior, but they’re not dungeon level yet.

Hunter is pretty good.

Fishing!  Boy do I hate the “Your Fish Got Away” message as much as the current game message “Your cast didn’t land in fishable water” despite a school of fish being right there.  At least I found a great fishing spot just outside Darnassus.  I need to find a spot like that in Westfall or Stormwind.


The King is a Weasel