Prepping for Pandaria

Better late than never I’m reading up on the new expansion.  I’d like our teeny guild to be prepared to roar on in and have fun.  I think some of tomorrows class and glyph and talent changes will give us a heads up as to what we all need and what might sell.

There should be an influx of new and returning players with Pandaria, so if you are a resource gatherer, you may wish to stock up on lower level hides and herbs and cloth to sell for leveling Pandas.

I am going to get another bank tab for us because I’d like to have more space for those things and for cooking recipes and materials. 

I’d also like to do some recruiting and the first tab could have materials for new guildies such as potions and scrolls and other useful basics.

They are going to try to de-emphasize dungeons from what I read in Pandaria.  I love the cooperative nature of dungeons and am not so pleased but there will be “scenarios”  small instanced sequences you can join in without regard to filling any group role.  You will queue for these too but they will theoretically have short queues and you can be in and out between quests.

The cap will be removed from how many daily quests you can do.  This seems like a real grind to me, mouse on a wheel stuff that makes me buggy but we shall see.  It is apparently supposed to keep the level 85+ people from getting bored but zzzzzzzz.


What do you think?

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