Ye Patch

Goofy Stag. Oh wait, I can give you a ride now!

I was able to log in briefly this morning.  I logged in all my characters in the two realms I play most to activate the cross realm pet feature.  Since I don’t have a sparkle pony or anything, I didn’t get any real big shiny. However, my level 73 druid had done the Winterspring cub quest from Winterspring to get that mount and my level 60 druid now has that available without having to do the 20 day long quest to get it.  Yay.

I chose my talents from the new trees somewhat wily nily and ended up paying to reset after finding I had chosen unwisely.  See the new tab/page above for World of Warcraft links for help making the choices before you spend gold on a reset.  Will deal with my glyphs when we return.

I took a screenshot of the new Druid Travel form the “stag”.  It looks like a monster antlered reindeer with bells and runs with a sort of bunny hop motion.  So much for swift.  I can choose a minor glyph that allows you to ride on my back. Useful for?  Take care and safe travels!


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