Fire Mage

For RD: I tried the Noxxic set of rotations out and barely lived.  I tweaked the skills on the bar till I got this rotation which made for a much quicker fight in my favor.


Rotation (toolbar setup for your level 60ish Fire mage)

Molten armor up

Pyroblast (Watch for this to light up anytime in a fight and hit it again when it does)



Inferno Blast

Frostfire Bolt

Ice Lance (Smaller damage but INSTANT with no cooldown and it can save you)

Cone of Cold

Frost Nova

Flame Strike (Area of effect and you have to place a green target area where you want it to hit. Would only use it in a fight against multiples on your own, not in a dungeon)

Blizzard (Another Area of effect)


Hit them in this order and watch for Pyroblast extra to light up and you’ll be good!


Talents (WOW Popular)


Blazing Speed



Living Bomb


edited by Atherne 9/8/12