Tanks from Heck and Abandoner Marked!

So I was trying to level several characters last night. Worst night ever in dungeons.

Leave Dungeon Instance, you bet!

First tank thinks its high humor to go in circles in Dire Maul and do anything but go to the next spot.   Second time in circle out I went.

Next tank in Razorfen immediately starts whining and begging someone else to tank.  He doesn’t give a reason but finally says he just got his first ever “justice weapon” (whoopdy doo) and he MUST TRY IT OUT.   Poof out I went.

Switched characters and went to Durenhold?  Three healers in a row leave the the instance immediately.  I now suspect they recognized the tank.  Fourth one comes in and stays but the tank starts flirting with he/she/it and she says her hair smells so good and she and the tank start whispering sexy talk while all grinds to a halt.  Poof!

By now I am pretty annoyed so when we hit Stratholme with another character and the BEAR freaking tank won’t move out and he and another player start bandying about and he becomes vile, I leave, no questions asked.  This happened pretty quickly so I got the Abandoner Flag.  Honestly, I was ok with it.

Nut. Cases.