Level 4!

We reached level 4 and we now have anyone in the guild getting an additional 10% xp for their hard work in the world.  5% at level 2 and another 5% for level 4.  The next one warms the cockles of my guild leader heart.  We will have 5% of the amount of looted coinage from anyone’s adventuring.  When I was a member of other guilds I thought this was stanky because I thought it took 5% away from me.  It does not.  It just appears as mana from heaven as an extra amount that goes into the guild bank.

It occurs to me this week that being guild leader is much like being a mayor in Star Wars Galaxies.  As the mayor you wanted citizens and you wanted them to be happy.  So you would provide all the city perks you could buy, at your personal expense.  And you would work hard to make money to pay the fees for having a city which could be huge, and you would never mention to anyone how much it cost to run the city, you’d just smile and be a good host, essentially.

Luckily there is no giant payment or fees to the upkeep of a guild. However if you want people to be happy you need bank tabs full of potions and scrolls and foods and resources.  You want to keep the guild bank balance at a comfortable level so everyone can get training money and money for mounts and whatever else the need without having to think about it.  That’s how I’m playing it anyway.

What I do is have my own characters put anything they make over a certain amount in the guild bank.  I try to sell things as I can but mostly it is dungeon run monies and questing monies.

It will take a little pressure off to have my own characters and everyone elses characters drop a few coins in the bank bucket as they merrily play.  Level 5 or bust!


Obligatory CRZ comment of the day:  I have been looking at the peeps around me in the world and except for right in Stormwind, every person is from another realm.  Creepy.  Am I in their world or are they in mine?  There was even someone from Farstrider at the cooking trainer in Darnassus yesterday.  Eerie.

What do you think?

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