Wool Gathering

I’ve reached level 90 with my first World of Warcraft character.  My Druid bravely made her way through levels 74-90, all new territory.  I rushed through because a fine guild mate entered into an unspoken competition to level to the top first.   He was always just a few levels back and I became somewhat obsessed with trying to keep 5-10 levels between us.

I can now relax and focus on crafting and leveling my other characters.  I really want to be able to provide the best crafted objects the game offers so I’ve been loading the bank with what each character can make.  I crave another bank tab.

We just reached level 11 and got “mobile banking”.  If you have a guild reputation level of recruit or above you can summon a hearty looking guild chest with the Guild Tabard draped across it to your location.  Drop in those resources, grab some coinage or potions, scrolls or armor.

EZ Banking

EZ Banking

I found it insanely handy this morning as I was making the character rounds.  So easy to just slip in a few stacks of herbs.

I added some parchment and thread so my crafters have the ability to just grab a resource from the bank and its needed extras, craft away and place the finished object in the bank.  This is a nice way to save money for the new characters and crafters who can spend alot on those crafting components.

I’ll have to see what other basics we can have at hand.

The post title Wool gathering refers to the request from a guildie for wool.  I’ve sent my Death Knight out looking for a good wool spot.  Criminy.   I found two locations with decent drops:

Northern Stranglethorn around the Kurzon camps and in the cave.  I felt a little guilty trolling the area since there were so many newbie characters around.

The Wetlands just north of Whelgar’s Retreat where the Dark Iron and Mosshide NPCs are in constant battle is an even better spot.  I found killing one and looting him before killing the other guy and looting him gave me a nice stack relatively quickly.  No newbies around to make me feel guilty.