Leveling Right Along, We’re at 13

We’re cruising along at Guild level 13.  The next few perks benefit PVP players.  Almost halfway to 25.  Pretty cool.

Working on leveling and really learning my crafts.

Trying to get my characters to speed in all of the professions they have.  I’m finding they can make awesomely useful stuff.  I’d like to be able to have guildies have every advantage out there in the big world.

Backing up and getting the exploration and quest completion achievements for all characters.  While looking at those, I find there are a boatload of general achievements I’ve never looked at.  Also, I’m envious of people with titles which it turns out you have to earn by doing some whacko things as well.  The repellent Jenkins title is from killing 50 whelps in 15 seconds in Blackrock.  How I hate those whelps.  I am not dying to get that title.  It is a badge of stupidity, named after an idiot player.  bah. I’d like Explorer and Adventurer and maybe the Patient since I’ve suffered so many scrubby PUGs.  Hmmpf.

Going to start listing here ingredients needed for crafting or first aid or whatever.  Anyone who has a bit of time and patience could scoot and grab it.

Herb du jour is Wildvine needed for a Tailor Recipe.  Hmmpf.  Wowhead says to comb Feralas for it in Purple Lotus (as an extra pickup) near the Ruins of Constellas.  Just need one at this time but any extras will no doubt be useful.

Finding new peeps can’t buy guild tabards.  They don’t even show up from the vendor.  How annoying is that?  Apparently you need 3k guild rep to be able to see and buy one.  I’m all for the concept of letting a person earn their way, but it is confusing and it should show up on the vendor and be red and upon mouseover you should see you need 3k guild rep to buy it.  Dingles.

Safe travels, Atherne