Knock Knock

All I have left to get the Children’s Week achievements is The School of Hard Knocks.  After tossing myself in Warsong Gulch like five times and dept of doh realizing I don’t just need to make it through the instance to the end I have to pick up a fallen flag and replace it criminy! I thought to try Arathi Basin.  Seemed easier in a way, but now I see why my brother in law just hangs out by a flag and fears and such everyone who comes by.  I’m thinking while everyone is fighting I can just slink up and capture a flag and nobody will notice but of course that is exactly what they’re trying to keep from happening.  At least I see that it could be done.  Gonna beat  my head against these four battlegrounds over this weekend and hope I get em.  I would not have thought it possible, but if I’m determined I can do anything.   Plus for 2000 honor points I can buy a War Saber Mount, and collecting all the mounts in the game is another level 90 goal so heh heh I’ll accomplish something here.

What do you think?

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