Eye of the Storm, Yo

After going in these battlegrounds over and over I finally got the achievement for Eye of the Storm “Capture the Flag”.   I should have researched this because I had tried this two times but I had my “fast” War Tiger Mount so I zoomed down, grabbed the flag, waited to hear the ding ding you got it but oops nada.   All the way to it this other player is going “Pleeeaase let me have the flag, its for Children’s Week”.   Hello?  Would I be in this godforsaken place for any other reason myself?   Bozo that I am, I had a second where I had to think I must be supposed to bring the dang flag someplace.  Luckily in dim memory was a time I had run this same battleground with my brother in-law and sister and I recalled sitting in one spot bored, bored and I made for it.  Voila!

Arathi Basin:    It finally dawned on me that I wasn’t going to be able to get this unless I rushed out of the gate and went for a flag.  The stables (?) are right in sight close by but no way you’re getting that I thought after a try or two. So I look at the map and where we start and the Horde start and figure the mines are the best shot.  Orphan out, I ruthlessly ran for it (mounted on my “speedy” mount).  One of my “teammates” ran right along side me and got there first.  There is a juncture where you could go there or the blacksmith and I think he was going to beat me to whichever one I picked.  Nice.  But what do you expect from the crowd who spend all their time whooping and getting whooped?  Suckers.

Warsong Gulch:  It is going to be pure chance that I have the opportunity to grab the flag and put it back after it drops or is attacked.

Alterac Valley:  Pure chaos with up to forty players on either side.  Unlikely.

On the plus side I’m gaining points and am going to try to aquire pvp gear because I hate to say I am having fun and I always have something to prove as a gamer being female and ancient.  Yipee kay ay, buds, I am pretty sure I can get better.  I am  looking at the leaderboards after each battle and I’m moving up all the time.  Whap, whap!



Things I’ve learned.  I need those faster riding skills that cost moola.

Don’t take the Orphan out till right before you need him because his presence marks you as a helpless noob, and when you try to stealth the little bozoid runs clunkily right beside you giving you away.

What do you think?

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