Heading to Guild Level 22…

Our little guild sort of timed out at about 64% of the way to level 21.  OMG!  So close to getting to level 25.  I’ve been trying to beg and rah rah everyone including myself into finding ways to grind out those quests to ease us the rest of the way up.  Thanks to my ever hard working spouse we got level 21 and are now 10% to lvl 22.  We’re going to make it somehow.

Once there I feel like I can relax but…

For me, the CRZ continues to be a horrible annoyance because of one of the realms we share space with (which means anytime you aren’t in Stormwind or Pandaria they inundate you with vileness).  I have actually been doing daily quests this last week or so, now that I think of it, (as a good way to level) and so except in Dalaran I’m not running across them as much. Bliss.  I can almost see the point of view of all of the apologists and bootlickers (couldn’t think of the milder term I needed) who go wild and hit any post on the forum which is anti-CRZ.  If they aren’t matched with a scummy server they aren’t leading The Life.   And I do notice that many times when someone describes the horrors of the CRZ they are matched with our Verminous Scummy Piggie Pals.

erp piggie

What do you think?

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