Another Moldy Old Post

I apparently copied much of my old game blog into my old pc’s My Docs.   It took me quite a few tries to like World of Warcraft.  I play every day now but early on….


Amongst the Slavering Hordes

So…I got the World of Warcraft for my son of sons and I so we can play together now and then and keep in touch while he’s out in the wide world.

WOW indeed. Five installations disks and a bunch of downloads later, I create a white haired supposed elf (she’s not my idea of an elf–too chunky looking). I liked the opening movies but I’m surprised that the world in the game looks nothing like the movies. I suppose I shouldn’t be, I’ve seen cutscenes aplenty but hmmm. Everything is all pink and purple. Pink is my favorite color of course but it just seems kind of wrong and a bit overwhelming to have the whole world including trees and the ground drenched in these shades. I couldn’t quit looking at it.

Also, back to the elf, the elf in the opening movie just looked very proportionally different than the character in the game world. Tsk.

So anyway I killed a few boars and some type of cat and got some useless looking junk. I put on the clothing items. Not any improvement looks wise with the clothes. I must be in the Goodwill store of the elf world.

There is a truly annoying female voice that softly lets me know I’m messing up. “you’re too far away…you’re too close…you’re not proficient enough to use that…your spell needs to recharge” . Maybe this voice won’t follow me all through the game, because if it does, I’m playing with the sound off.


Game List

Rather than go right into another weekly roundup post I thought I’d steal from an old game blog post.  I’ve listed most of my games but the list isn’t up to date, just always fun to admire my stuff. Cheapo Post City.


11th Hour
7th Guest
Advent Rising
Alien Carnage
Alone in the Dark
Alone in the Dark 2
Alone in the Dark 3
Alone in the Dark the New Nightmare
Amber Journeys Beyond
American McGee’s Alice
And then there were none (Agatha Christie)
Anne McCaffrey’s Freedom First Resistance
Armed and Dangerous
Azrael’s Tear
Baldur’s Gate
Baldur’s Gate II the Shadows of Amn
Bard’s tale
Betrayal in Antaria
Black Dahlia a game of adventure and dark mystery
Blake Stone
Blake Stone Aliens of Gold
Broken Sword the Sleeping Dragon
Broken Sword the Smoking mirror
Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood
Chaos Engine
Circle of Blood
Civilization Chronicles
Crystal Caves
Curse of Frankenstein through the Eyes of the   Monster
Curse of Moneky Island
Cydonia Mars: the First Manned Mission
Dame was Loaded
Dark Earth
Dark Forces
Dark Messiah of Might and magic
Deus Ex
Deus Ex Invisible War
Devil May Cry 3
Diablo II
Dreamfall the Longest Journey
Duke Nukem 3D
Duke Nukem II
Elder Scrolls III Morrowind
Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
Escape from Monkey Island
Fable the Lost Chapters
Fade to Black
Fallout 2 A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game
FEAR First Encounter Assault Recon
Full Throttle
Gabriel Knight 3 Blood of the Sacred, Blood of   the Damned
Gabriel Knight and the Sins of the Fathers
Gabriel Knight the Beast Within
Gothic II
Gothic III
Grim Fandango
Half-Life 2
Half Life 2 Episode 1
Half-Life Opposing Force
Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone
Hellgate London
Hocus Pocus
Hoyle Classic Games
Icewind Dale
Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures
Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb
Indiana Jones and the Infernal machine
Indigo Prophecy
Inspector Parker
Jade Empire Special Edition
Journeyman Project 2 Buried in Time
Journeyman Project Legacy of Time
Journeyman Project Turbo
King Kong (Peter Jackson’s)
King’s Quest Collection
King’s Quest Mask of Eternity
Knights of the Old Republic II the Sith Lords
Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny
Last Express
Legend of Kyrandia
Lighthouse the Dark Being
Longest Journey
Lords of Magic Special Edition
Lucasarts Archive vol. 1 (Indiana Jones and the   Fate of Atlantis, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Rebel Assault 3 levels, Day of   the Tentacle/Maniac mansion)
Mage Knight Apocalypse
Magic Carpet Plus
Major Stryker
Monster Bash
Mummy Tomb of the Pharoah
Murder on the Orient Express (Agatha Christie)
Mystery of the Mummy (Sherlock Holmes)
Mystic Towers
Neverwinter Nights 2
Neverwinter Nights 2 Mask of the Betrayer
Neverwinter Nights Diamond
No one Lives forever
Pandora Directive
Planescape Torment
Planet Strike
Prince of Persia 3D
Prince of Persia Collection (Prince of Persia the   original adventure, Prince of Persia 2 the Shadow & the Flame
Prince of Persia Sands of Time
Prince of Persia Warrior Within
Project Eden
Quest for Glory Collection
Rainbow Six
Realms of Chaos
Realms of the haunting
Redjack Revenge of the Brethren
Return to Krondor
Sam and Max Season 1
Sea Dogs an epic adventure at sea
Secret Agent
Serious Sam the First Encounter
Sherlock Holmes the Awakened
Shivers 2
Sid Meiers Railroads!
Slice and Hook Miniature Golf
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Star Trek Generations
Star Trek Starfleet Academy
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force II
Star Wars (Legos) the video game
Star Wars II The Original Trilogy (Legos)
Star Wars Jedi Knight Dark Forces II
Star Wars Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast
Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Star Wars Rebel Assault II
Syberia II the adventure continues
System Shock 2
Tex Murphy Overseer
The Witcher
Thief the Dark Project
Time Commando
Titanic Adventure out of time
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider 2
Tomb Raider 3
Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness
Tomb Raider Anniversary
Tomb Raider Chronicles
Tomb Raider Legend
Tomb Raider the Last Revelation
Torin’s Passage
Towers of Darkness (Heretic, Hexen, Deathkings of   the Dark Citadel)
Traitor’s gate
Twinsen’s Odyssey
Ultra Mini-golf deluxe
Under a Killing Moon
Wolfenstein 3D
X Files Game
XCOM Collector’s edition
Zork Nemesis


Weekly Roundup

weekly roundup


Welcome to the first weekly roundup.  Not that you’ll necessarily ever see one again but hey…

Ye Spam   The same boring old spam keeps pouring in.   Let’s see a little thought put into your robotic blog killers, beaners.  On the plus side I sat in on a class this week on making a web site for your small business and the term SEO was explained.  Ohhhhh, I get it.

World of Warcraft Update 5.4 arrives on September 10.  It doesn’t look too interesting to me.  All that sticks in my head about it is they will institute the “Connected Realms” and they plan to nerf Hunters.  Why is it always all about nerfing Hunters?

I spent a lot of time running for potion and scroll ingredients because everyone is playing trying to get that last guild level.  We’ll have it for sure before the patch.  It is a pain to have to go to Icecrown, Twilight Highlands and Netherstorm circling and circling for herbs that seem to be very sparse.  I have numerous people with characters at just those levels so bleh.   Note to developer people: Don’t make something so commonly needed so stinkin’ hard to get.

Lord of the Rings Online  I took a break and worked on my LOTRO character.  I saw a few people, yay.  Moved on to Bree.  Soo close to getting to level 15 without dying.  I’m being careful which quests I do so I don’t meet an early demise.  Figured out the bag/inventory situation.  So, everything you loot goes into a side bag that you pluck the contents out of after you’re done questing.  You aren’t stopping to pick up loot and your bags aren’t getting full so you have to stop and toss stuff.  On the downside if you log out without picking your loot out of the big bag it times out on you and eek.   I’m wondering how I’m going to do any of the group content, and I recall there being a boatload, if there are no people around.  Having fun with my girl, but that could be a stopper.

EQ2    Only had a chance to pay maintenance on my Froglok’s house in EQ2 this week, my Froggie and Kitty are calling me but guilt, guilt, have to make it possible for our guild to reach level 25.  Stay on target…


Elder Scrolls    Still no ESO beta Invite….grrr.  I would be perfect.  I honestly wrote my best ever” why you should choose me” application, my pc is good, my experience is good…sniff.   Every time they announce on Facebook they have sent out a new WAVE of INVITES and you should RUN and CHECK YOUR MAIL, I do!  Only to be sniff sniff sniff crushed again.   I think this is only the second beta I’ve ever applied to that I did not get in.  Dogs.


Character Armor Worksheet

So there you are, trying to equip your characters or guildies.  You need to look on Ye Armory to see what they’re wearing then look at what you can make to compare and see if you can improve it.  This tidy Word Table makes it easy peasy to jot down the current stats and compare.  Since there isn’t any real info here, I just included a picture so you can make yourself a nice copy.  Monkey see, monkey do and all that.



Character Armor Worksheet

World of Warcraft: Checklist for Scroll Stocking

Everyone moves the world better with the right combination of Stamina plus another attribute, don’t they?  It was driving me nuts trying to remember which level of inscription scroll required which ink, and what the materials were for the inks.

I can tell at a glance now where the herbs are located, and which are not needed for all important health potions which people go through like you-know-what.  (I had a terrible time tweaking this table to fit here, agh.)

My Checklist for Keeping Inscription Scrolls Stocked

Sta Str Int Spir Agil Ink Ink Materials
1 1 1 1 1 Ivory Peacebloom,



2 2 2 2 2 Midnight Mageroyal,





3 3 3 3 3 Jadefire Fadeleaf,






4 4 4 4 4 Celestial Firebloom,

Purple Lotus,

Arthas Tears,






5 5 5 5 5 Shimmering GoldenSansam,




6 6 6 6 6 Ethereal Felweed,



Fel Lotus

7 7 7 7 7 Ink of the Sea Adder’s Tongue,


Tiger Lily,


8 8 8 8 8 Ink of the Sea Adder’s Tongue,


Tiger Lily,


9 9 9 9 9 Blackfallow Cinderbloom,


Azshara’s Veil, Heartblossom,

Twilight Jasmine, Whiptail

Finally! Not pretty but the stinker fit. As mom would say, we are not sooo easily defeated.


I had a brief chance to create a character in the new free to play Neverwinter game.  I didn’t get far but liked character creation choices, particularly the array of race and class choices.  You can only have two character slots, which is a bummer but likely you can buy more.


Character Creation

Neverwinter Character Customization


I went with a Wood Elf Control Wizard.  I’ve traditionally preferred melee classes but I think so many dungeons under the bridge has made me appreciate a bit of distance from the monsters.

There are three servers.  I wonder if they had an idea it would end up at three servers of people once the new shiny wore off so they began that way.  I would think would be easier to add new ones than have the Cone of Shame thing of server mergers just a few months after launch.

I enjoyed picking out the skill set numbers for Intellect, Wisdom and Charisma.

You can come up into the world in quite a few locations.  Despite my desire to see the city of Neverwinter, I went with a place on the far side of the continent.  There was something in the description that made me think my character would do well to begin her adventures out in the wilds.  It may make no difference, but we shall see.

I’m not a fan of Mouselook.  You can toggle it off with Alt but that just freezes the screen so you can make choices from menus.

I picked a few things up off the beach for an npc then headed up to a camp.  Two seconds into the game some person wants to form a group.  Maybe grouping is a good thing in the game, but that early on I’m getting used to the interface and taking things in and don’t care to be dragged along by someone who may have been through this area multiple times already.

I’ll be back adventuring again soon.

Neverwinter my character in the world

Incomplete Armor Sets, Argh

One of the best ways to really learn a craft is to make a set of armor or whatever you can make for a specific character.  I’ve been looking over my guild mates and making them sets of armor, jewelry, foods, potions, scrolls, glyphs, sharpening stones, armor kits, the whole package to see what I can do to help them buff up their character, have more fun playing, be successful.

I’m running into all of these sets of armor that on purpose do not have all of the pieces.  Scummies!  I’m thinking are these guys lazy or something that they couldn’t design a whole set?  Are they trying to make your characters puny or something?  Trying to foil the completist in us?  Bah!  Whap whap.   Fel Iron Chain Armor: a four piece set!   Grrr….

Missing Anything Adventurer?

fel iron chain

EQ2 The Cat is Back

I logged in tonight and MY CAT was available!  She is in the Timourous Deep area and I did a few quests to try her out.  She is a Defiler (but in a good way).  I think I created her to play with my son at some point. She is so cute.  Not as powerful as Froggie, but I just have to move the skill bars around a bit till I find a good combination.

Interestingly voiced quest NPCs in this area.  I can’t think what they remind me of.  The area is tropical rather than snowbound.  Nice to switch between the two.

Night fell while I was making my way around.  Nice to see night really be dark nighttime again.

Miss Kitteh 2

Meow.  Adventure awaits.