Weekly Roundup

weekly roundup

Yay, yay!  another fine edition of the weekly roundup.  It’s all about World of Warcraft this week as we push to level 25 as a guild.  At 96% as I write, it should be a done deal by later this evening 🙂  We have such good peeps in the guild.  How I do love them 🙂

It is funny because as we’re working so hard together for this goal I see people in trade WTB Guild, Want to sell Guild….I became aware recently some people just start and level up guilds  to sell them for fun and profit.  They recruit poor little chipmunk level players to grind along and help them level it up if it isn’t at level 25.

Keep the Wheel Moving!  Level Up!


All those “fun social guilds” you get invites to might all be what we’ll term “Chipmunk Guilds” for the furious efforts of low level players to complete quests and help the guild level so the bozo can sell it off.  Mice on a wheel man… By the way if it is level 25 when purchased, then the Chipmunk Master may hold onto the guild long enough to have a certain number of bank tabs or a certain amount of money made by the guild perks that toss 10% or so into the bank for every copper the Chipmunks make.

Want to sell Guild!  Used peeps included!

Chip munk


Darkmoon Faire    The faire snuck up on me this week.  I only noticed peeps (speaking of…) from Farstriders and Cenarion Circle no evil Moonguard this time.  I allowed myself to fantasize this meant these were the realms we’ll end up with after The Connection.   And Evil steenkin Moonguard will GO AWAY.   Ever the Dreamer.


Everquest II

I played my Defiler cat enough to see agh she’s like a Shadow Priest.  She was getting pounded by things four levels below her.  I took the time to rearrange her skills, see what each did, blah blah…sent her back out, much better!  Once I get a good handle on her I’ll make her available as a healer and Gasp be social with her to maximize her potential.  Good Kitty.




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