World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor Highlights (What people are talking about edition)


As I’m reading the World of Warcraft and other forums, these are the Hot Topics:

Dungeons!  Seven New Dungeons in the expansion.  Developers firmly refused to add new dungeons to the Mists of Pandaria expansion and it’s patches because they wanted to focus on Scenarios and Flex Raiding and Raid Finder.  Lots of disappointment here, not just because dungeons are a quick leveling device, but because people enjoy them.

Here is the official page write up on Dungeons, and why they see this as a big enhancement for PVE players

Here are the new dungeons:

  • Bloodmaul Slag Mines
  • Blackrock Depot
  • Auchindoun
  • Arakkoa Spires
  • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
  • Iron Barracks
  • Returning – Upper Blackrock Spire

Flight   There is apparently a rising up of old school type players (that is how they seem to me) who want their illusion of a BIG BIG world, and one of the ways to get this is, if you don’t allow flight aside from the slow moving, sparsely placed Flight Masters.   Better yet, since it used to take them an hour to walk through the snow in the original Everquest, they want that too.  Hoof it, they say.  May your mount be eaten by a bear, they say.

I personally love flying mounts.  One of the reasons I really did not enjoy Pandaria (and I’m reluctant to send another of my characters there) is because you had to walk or ride your horsey everyplace.  My characters earn those level 60 and beyond mounts, and I’m working hard to get some of the reputation mounts too, which will FLY, perhaps.  I love to fly. It saves time, if I see a node I need, I drop on down and get it, I’m not trapped on a gryphon that is being pulled along a track that never, ever goes as the crow or my personal flying mount flies.

If they make it so you can fly in the new/old Outlands only at level 100 I can live with it but it will be annoying and make me grumpy.  If you can never fly there I will work through the content with one character and not go back unless they have some new resources, is my guess.

Instant Level 90, One per Account

Lots of hate on this one. Pressing the EASY button.  Making leveling 1-90 a waste of time.  Devaluing our efforts.  The shiny new 90s won’t know how to play the character.

My guess is that most people using this will be looking to play with someone they know elsewhere.   Keep in mind that the 230+ (?) servers in the game are being slowly slowly “connected”.   Unless they speed up the process, it doesn’t look like they will complete that process by the time the expansion come out who knows when, next fall is a good guess.  So you have all of these current players in a sort of limbo not sure how things will shake out for them.  You have returning players who find their realm transformed.  You have brand new players who may find that instant 90, get into the action opportunity irresistible.

As you know if you have gotten a character to level 90, the higher you go level wise the more xp you need to inch that experience bar along.   Nobody is going to be an instant level 100 except those True Wierdos who chain themselves to their pc 24/7 and they’re icky and they don’t count.

More Backpack Space  Quest and other superfluous items that shouldn’t be hogging your space will not be a problem.  Sortable bags, bags with defined uses.  Its all good.

Time Travel    Cheap trick, they say!  What a horrible idea, they say?   Will this change Outland forever?  Will the current Outland go away?

I can’t tell you how many threads I’ve seen on the official forums and elsewhere asking begging for Vanilla WOW.   Since I didn’t play Vanilla WOW I have no such longings for the past.  I do sympathize with them because of the NGE, but hey, guys, at least you still have some semblance of your game.  It hasn’t been snuffed out altogether.    Burning Crusade comes up frequently as the other “best time of the game’s life” and they are handing out something like that here.  The BC People should be intrigued.

Will this be the Last Expansion?

I’m sure this comes from the millions of subscription losses.  Lots of folks out there saying “isn’t the game dead yet”, blah blah.   If it is sitting at 7.6 million subscriptions, while that is a fraction of what was, maybe it is easier to write and develop a game for a smaller (comparatively) playerbase.   Maybe it allows the addition of player housing.

Player Housing

There is excitement about player housing in the form of Garrisons.  The name certainly might appeal to some who think of it as their Fortress of Solitude in the busy game world.   You get little crafting/mining bots as in Star Wars the Old Republic and perhaps Eve Online?   They get you resources and go off on missions, having their own little inanimate creature good time in the world.   I like to do my own crafting to the extent where I’d like to name my objects and customize them and….

Character Models   It seems new character models have been promised for awhile, and they are finally moving ahead with this.  Personally I like what they’ve done with the Dwarves (female in particular)

dwarf new

What do you think?

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