Neverwinter: The Blacklake District Sewers

Sigh.  I was doing so well and then I became cocky as I sometimes do.  My main mistake was running through Traps which I hadn’t the wit to look for, because I hadn’t encountered many or any, I think.  Then there is a stretch of sewer with spike traps and arrow traps that I’m running through la la la.  I used up my supply of potions pretty much (I have one puny puny heal.)  Then I get to a freakish giant rat named Fleabottom whose health bar crossed the entire screen, oops.  That didn’t last long.

I respawned at a campfire inside the sewers, and pondered if I should go back out of the sewer and buy health potions or go forward and try him again.  I left my Cleric there for the night and today she is back at the sewer entrance and apparently has to begin again.  No problem actually.  This time I’ll go a bit more carefully and try to avoid the traps.   I bought as many healing potions as I could afford and some Kits each of the skills I don’t have so I can, I hope grab that nice loot.

Look at the area map for the district.  Doesn’t it look so much like the original Neverwinter Nights?

Blacklake map

Edit:  Needer, Call Him Fleabag!  I went back through. Avoided all traps.  Used the healing skill between fights.  Much better.  The Rat lies dead in the sewer.

nw sewer trap one


I started a new cleric for my dungeon challenge after reading about the four classes on the Neverwinter forums.   She kicks butt, she really does.  Hot knife through butter city.   The city of Neverwinter is huge and beautiful.  The atmosphere is perfect.

Neverwinter City

I’m only level 5 but I’ve been in a huge dungeon-you couldn’t call it anything else as part of the Theft of the Crown Quest.

When I first started playing online games and going in dungeons, this is how I thought they’d look.  Huge, awesome, treasures, traps!  Secret door levers.  I hope when I get to the real thing they’re like this times 100.

nw dungeon

I had to stop to look up Dungeoneering.  I need that, I really do.  Edit: oh noooo. I can’t use the Dungeoneering Skill. 

I’m walking through Neverwinter looking all around and I’m thinking I like this.  I really like this place, this game.

Off I go the the Blacklake District!