Neverwinter Quest for a Big Bad and Trying a Foundry Quest

After reading about them and seeing so many recommendations, I decided to try a Foundry Quest. I love the idea of player made quests and content.  This particular one was rated by like 3,000 people with lots of stars. Nicely written plot. Interesting enough layout.

As you can see on my screenshot I had credit for killing two of six quest npcs.  In fact I was on my sixth guy and at first I thought the quest isn’t counting these right, that is frustrating.  Then I realized that groups of 2-4 mobs with more than normal health were counting as 1 kill.  I could be wrong, it seemed like there were ten of these groups.

Fig A. yet another group of Baddies around the corner

NW where has the justice gone

I kept thinking I must be getting near the end when boss types showed up but nooo there was more!  I get to a hublike place, grab a couple of treasures, go through a portal…more hallways, more bad guys.   I couldn’t finish the thing before Sleepy Hollow came on and I was so annoyed knowing I’d have to start from scratch.  Fruitlessly, I left my character in place hoping she could stay in place.  Nope, popped out of the sewer with no way back in and no way to finish the quest.  Grr I say.   One boss would have been enough.

When my son was small he and his dad played Wolfenstein and they made their own map levels.  They filled rooms with as many wolves as you could use to surprise each other.  My husband put “Guten tag” guys in rooms they couldn’t get out of but every time you went by the room they all said ‘Guten tag.”   Overkill.    I’m not so sure about the Foundry Quests.

Dept of starting off with a bang:  Finding Karzov at the Nasher Hideout in the Blacklake district.  The initial room swarms you with a ridiculous amount of guys.  The rest of the hideout is fine.  Karzov was ez.   So far you’re always facing at least five guys at once, even on the streets.  Some groups have what I think of as a Goon Character, some larger than normal guy.  He not only has more hit points but he pops out these red glow patterns on the ground that trap you and do extra damage.  You have to become adept at double tapping your movement keys to scoot away, firing all the while.  They’re not too smart though, because you can always scoot towards them, passing them by then turn and nail them a couple of times while they pound the ground where you last were.  I can’t think of anything I’ve played like that before.

nw karzov

I feel like I got to level ten here quickly.  I’m going to see what craft I’d like to pick up.  I’m not sure which “Feat” or skill specialization I should take.

I should try the PVP and see if the old fake out scoot works on people too.

Actually moving back to Rift and will get that character to dungeon level.  She can go into an Instant Adventure now so we shall see how that goes.