What, This Old Thing?

rift clothing

Note that my character has sailed from level 1-16 in a pretty short time.  I’ve gotten new bits of armor as quest rewards, especially in the Instant Adventures–all sorts of fun stuff drops there.  Look if you will, at the dumpy brown rag of a gown my character is still wearing.  Gawd I’m tired of schlumping through the forests in this thing.  Don’t get me started on the lumbering gait of my character.  I think it is the most stiff movement I’ve seen since Warhammer Online.

This girl is cute. She should have something elegant, flowing.  Or some bad @$$ leather. Something else.

I have been driven to pick up a set of crafts in order to get into (apparently) some snazzy burlap.  The lowest level “Outfitter” clothing is made from that miracle cloth burlap.   On the plus side I also will be able to make bags because suddenly bag space is an issue.  Instant Adventures are a Loot Paradise, and I need more room.

Doing a bit of research today I found there is a trainer for outfitting in Argent Glade where I’m hanging out.  I picked up Butchering yesterday which would be Skinning elsewhere but Butchering sounds so much more brutal, doesn’t it?  Yarg, yarg, I slay the beastie and RIP , REND, TEAR the hide from his wee bones.

A couple of crafting guides to get started in case you’re also hanging around the world in a nasty brown gown:

My favorite of the bunch so far  Rift Craft.

rift craft

Zam’s nicely done Rift Craft Guide:

rift zam

There you go. DOWN WITH BROWN!

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