Gone Fishing (Rift…)

Tsk, was trying for minnows for Pea soup, yummy.   Close enough!

I keep trying to complete quests in my quest log and keep getting more and more.  There is probably a limit and I must be closing in.

Some of the Rift creatures are really nasty, such as a giant spider followed by a bunch of smaller pseudo spiders.

Found the bank and auction house.  Not an auction house fan.

My cleric in her Dimension.  The Tall Willow tree is new.  A reward in a fishing box!

Home Sweet Dimension

More Rift Mania

Writing this on my iPod WordPress app so who knows how it will look.

I won’t say I like Rift better than Neverwinter, they’re very different but I really love them both.

It is a sign of my intention to spend time in this world that I’m not only crafting but I created a second character to try another class and dang make some potions for my Pyromancer.

I’m making sure they methodically do every quest and as much as I can stand I kill everything I pass by looking for that next bit of burlap.

I like alts for many reasons, one being that the characters play experiences through an area are very different.

My new girl is a Cleric and I often find that healers are made to be weak characters who must be in a group to actually fight effectively. She is really excellent. I must mention she started out with some nice looking armor and every new piece is even better.

She has had one of those random guild invites and I notice when she’s up a lot of general chat guilds happen to be looking for any level any age (I’ve never seen that anywhere before) but especially healers. I’d be happy to join a good guild but I don’t feel I know the class very well yet. I’ve been practicing tossing out heals and buffs during Rifts so I’ll see how she does.

I found my way to my personal “dimension” and set down my meager furniture. Interesting to give you your own little instanced hut. You can move objects up and down and rotate them. I haven ‘t seen that capability in awhile. There are Rift dimension decorating sites, which is also pretty cool. There are some really nice furnishings available. Must feather my nest. I notice my foraging skills will allow me to make boards and planks.

Possibility city. In before the lock, happy burlap hunting!

Cyan Dye!

Cyan Dye