Winter is Coming, Time to Play!

If you’re not a winter sports person and you live someplace freakishly COLD with MONTHS OF DEEP SNOW, you should be a gamer.   Unless you play a game area or level set in an icy, snowy area, all you need to do to escape winter is to turn on your pc and enter worlds of endless summer.

I recall the test period of Forochel from Lord of the Rings Online.  A cold bitter area with extra effects from the cold built in.  It was in the deep of winter and I really could not bring myself to play it much, and I never liked the area.


Remember Snow Barrel Blast?   Talk about slip sliding away!

dk snow barrel

For me, in the years I’ve been playing, the best place to go in a game to be immersed in eternal summer was Corellia in Star Wars Galaxies.  Amber waves of grain (or grass!), occasional rain, but always summer, and the music there that played as you entered Corellia was beautiful, peaceful, uplifting for the frozen soul.

swg summer