Player Housing Rift

I thought I’d do a semi-series on player housing in games.  We’ll start with Rift.  I honestly don’t know much about it and I’ve been trying to find guides that answer some of my questions, and while there are some Rift Specific  home guides, many are curiously not kept up or use official videos (that is what the ones I looked at were).

So here’s what I know:

Rift has Dimensions.

This gives you an instanced space with an outdoor area and a small hut.

You get a starter pack from the Dimension engineer in Argent Glade with a boulder, a torch, an urn, a table, a shrub, a tile and two boards.

The bag is mixed because you have an indoor and outdoor area called Sanguine Shores.

I’ve seen someone else has named theirs more personally but I haven’t taken the time to see how it is done.

I’m also not sure how much of the outdoor area is useable and how much is scenery.

You can purchase home items from Dimensions vendors.

I got a tree from a fishing reward crate, and I looted one from an NPC.

I got a lovely blue rug from an NPC.

You’re able to drop objects wherever you like, there are no hooks or predefined spots which can take the object.

You can move them up and down (including into the ground), you can turn them and rotate them.  I find the big primary color arrows and circles that come up to indicate directions to be a bit crude and jarring but I’m grateful to have the ability to put things where I want them big time.

It looks as if I can have 50 objects in my Dimension, I’ll have to find someplace that tells me the scoop if I can buy more storage with real or in game moola.

Once I got the rug (I love paintings and rugs in games!) I moved all of the things my cleric had gotten so far into her hut and it is cozy city.

Rift Home Sweet Hovel

I’ll add information and tips here as I get them.

Rift Dimensions Sites:

Better Homes and Dimensions

Rift better homes

Now this person called The Stylish Radish has got real style.  Don’t you love the site name and their name?  Sooo cute.  He/She also writes with interest about Landmark for EQ Next.

Rift Decorators

rift decorators

Not updated since March of 2013 but it has pictures of furnishings, landscape items and building block items plus the various homes you can get.  My hovel is apparently the “starter”.

An Embarrassment of Riches

I’ve been having a great time playing my three dungeon challenge games.

I also still have my World of Warcraft characters to adventure with. I hadn’t realized until the recent 9th anniversary that I’ve been playing since their 5th anniversary. After wandering in other worlds it is nice and feels like home ( though you can’t have a home in Wow until the cozily named Garrisons come out.)

With those four I’m not getting any time with Everquest 2 or Lord of the Rings Online, both of which I also really enjoy.

Every now and then I think I should give Star Trek Online and SWOTOR another try, as well as Dark Age of Camelot.

I recently bought a few things from GOG and marvel at what they have and there are a few more things I really want.

While reorganizing my “office” I came across Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3. And Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. I should be playing those to brush up for Elder Scrolls Online sometime this next spring.

See? Winter is good, time to play, but there is never time enough.