National Blog Posting Month Ye Last Post

Today wraps up NaBloPoMo, yay, we say. I ‘ve covered most of the topics I wanted to write about.

I was going to end the posts of the month with an ode to Galaxies, but I’ve decided to integrate my thoughts about it into other topics.

It remains the gold standard for mmo’s for everyone in our household. We all have such vivid memories of events and of people we met there.

I honestly can’t think if anyone I’ve “met” in another game who left any impression on me at all.

Still, I love to play, love to play cooperatively and somewhat competitively with other people, it is interesting to see what gamers think of other games.

Travel safely, and remember, the loot is mine!

loot is mine

Pounding the Pavement

Ho ho Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…

Time to try to find just the right gift for that son of mine.  I’ve looked for both consoles, happy enough to take one or the other although the hard drive failures and other problems with the Xbox are daunting.

I was thinking how annoying it is that the console makers don’t just make enough of the consoles by launch day to meet demand.  They certainly know what the sales figures would be.  Just crank those puppies out.  In droves.  Why, why do they release so few.

Aha, I thought, all of the early purchasers are beta testers.  Crank up the must have-iness, get poor fools to buy them en masse and see if the dang things work.  Once the bugs are worked out, release normal numbers.


beta tester 1