Got Nuthin’


Played quite a bit of Neverwinter tonight.  Did the three big bads in their bandito hideout.  I didn’t realize the door to where they were was right the heck around the corner from where you come in.  Spent a bunch of time looking around the area for those bosses.

I did a Foundry Quest and could not make myself stop critiquing it as I went.  I don’t do that with a staff written quest unless it is really awful.  As it turns out it was really well done.  I rated and reviewed it.

Reached the level where I could go in the dungeon but couldn’t see how to queue for it.  People were lfg for the Cloak Tower  left and right as if they were desperate. easily enough for a few groups but nobody seemed to want to take charge and nobody wanted to just ask all the others to be in their group.  Very odd!  As they were all asking for lfg other not so helpful souls kept asking why they weren’t using the lfg tool.  The first bozo-ness I’ve seen in Neverwinter.


Ran my Cleric tonight.  I’m trying some of the yule events but I am not exactly made merry by any of them.  I can’t find the Father Christmas guy’s hearth so I can put the coal in his hearth.  You know how that goes.  Did you see Grimm with the Krampus and his lumps of coal?   The Yule trees have split waving tops like a Rift.  Kinda creepy.

I may toss my cleric in the dungeon since my Pyromancer is outleveling it.  I’ve been practicing on unsuspecting types at Rifts and in Instant Adventures.  For a character who is a dedicated healer, she really doesn’t have very powerful heals.  People don’t take as much damage as fast as they do in WOW, either, is how it seems to me.

Big excitement, I looted a shrub for my dimension.  I placed it there and went to sleep on my nice blue rug in my hut but when she comes around again she’ll be standing around Sanctum.  Reminds me of the space ship/yacht in Galaxies you could decorate, but not live in because you’d be standing around in the starport next time you “woke up”.

See?  The loading screen said I was in Sanguine Shores on my comfy rug but I was sleeping like a bum in the grass in Sanctum.

Sanctum Snoozing

I realized tonight that I like that Rift music too much.  That drumbeat, man.  Bomba-da Bomba-da, yo.

World of Warcraft

BW inscriptionist Still circling the K3 area.  Have been doing the quests while I’m there.  It seems to be a big Roleplayer hangout.  I say nothing, but good grief  “Blah Boinklinker  takes off his helmet and shakes his hair, carefully removing the comb from his pocket given to him by HER, hands trembling, he tries to compose himself.”     I’m thinking.  Get. Away.

Hunter still working the tundra.  You know that woman on the strand that you have to fight your way to, then she sends you to get a trident, then to kill some guy?  Gack.  All different on Goat back.  Nice torturous preview for her of Draenor.  I’m going to have to take the time to put some stuff on the auction house so she can fly.

What do you think?

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