Via MMO Champion, Another Poll! Blizzard Asks Which Dungeon You Would Blacklist

Among other blue guy news, there is a poll here asking which dungeon you’d blacklist.  Does this mean I could yank Vortex Pinnacle out of the random dungeon list?  Must look into this.

Which dungeon would you blacklist?

Mogu’shan Palace
Shado-Pan Monastery
Gate of the Setting Sun
Temple of the Jade Serpent
Stormstout Brewery
Scarlet Monastery
Siege of Niuzao Temple
Scarlet Halls
Dear Blizzard: 
Please revamp every single painful Pandaria Dungeon.  Put Scarlet Monastery, Scarlet Halls and Scholomance  back the way they were.   Use your Burning Crusade Dungeons as a template.  Don’t ever make a boring Violet Hold dungeon again.
Sincerely, Atherne

Poll: What Class Is Most Likely To Try To Steal Aggro From The Tank In A Dungeon?


I’ve actually seen about five of these types just run on out there before the tank gets a shot at anything recently.  It is my sense that there are a lot of returning players coming back to level characters for the expansion and they don’t have patience with anything, let alone a non-draggy tank.

Dungeon Talk

I read comments now and then that bemoan the lack of social chatting and friend making in World of Warcraft’s Cross Realm Dungeons.

All I ever see are arguments about loot rolls and caustic remarks about the tank or healer. Where ‘s the beef?

After just such a week of “chat” I zoned into the middle of Black Rock last night and the worst “draggy tank” on the planet was swearing and chewing out the “healz”.

After a bit I mentioned that the Art of Chat was certainly not dead in this dungeon, and here I ‘d seen people complaining that nobody talked anymore.

What are we supposed to talk about ? Asks the DPS….
We’re supposed to Bond, I say.
I ‘ll bond with you says Foul Draggy Tank.
Unimaginably, the beaner role checks for another dungeon as soon as this one is done. Bizzaro.


3/27/14   Speaking of Dungeon talk…tonight we were advised “If you want healz, stand by the tank”.   Nice for the melee people.

Then a person who hadn’t played “in years” was giving the tank advice and begging the Death Knight to take over tanking.  The Death Knight who was dead every other minute.   The tank responded to all with a hearty 😀


Galaxies Dreaming

So I ‘m dreaming that I ‘m in a dungeon in Star Wars Galaxies with a group and the place is huge and fast moving and lots of fun. Have to step away to clean up a cat shredded Christmas tree on the steps…the dog goes by with a broom…back to the dungeon I’m way behind the group and like twenty respawns take me out. Close game, which I was playing on my iPod, and am about to post a recommendation on Facebook that people try the game, though it has a subscription, there’s a 14 Day Trial and they could try it out this weekend. Was thinking if I should mention the awful Legacy quest line when the actual cat jumped down from the back of the couch and woke me from my Galaxies dreams. Zzzzzzzx.

“Have Sword Will Travel” Reads The Card of a (Wo)Man…

paladin 1


As you may guess, once I started leveling my Paladin in Dungeons so I can level inscription and get to Northrend for herbs, I was a busted doggie.   I even set up my toolbar for protection just in case and had a bummy old sword and shield in my inventory.

Sethekk Halls was the first.  The tank just poofed without a word.  Say, Paladin, can you tank?    Ah, not very well.

Two more tanks in and out of that single dungeon and swapping from retribution to protection…bah.

The dread Escape from Durnhold Keep (man I hate that place).  Down to me, a healer and a dps at midpoint.  Luckily another tank poofs in.

I guess I’ll learn how to tank a Paladin after all.


Warlords of Draenor Pricing

I was surprised at the $50.00  pricing for the next World of Warcraft Expansion.   I thought that something with no new classes to try out and no new character slot (does the insta-90 count?  Will it give you a 12th character?  What if you only “boost” an existing character?) would be cheaper.   I had bad thoughts that the character makeovers were merely a re-skinning, and in fact the Outlands was merely being “re-skinned” to travel to the past of that area.  No new continent?  Hmmpf.    In any case, I’ve seen lots of discussion.

Then I saw this opinion piece on Wow Insider and I had an initial reaction that it was an example of how players can become apologists for games, jumping on any criticisms and I never think it does a game or its players any good to try to stifle opinion and discussion.   Then I considered my own thought and figured I should also mellow out and allow that this is just how the writer feels.  I can be so reasonable some days.

The MisAdventures of Blah Blah Blah

I am distracted by real life issues, will be my excuse.  Read on if you dare.

I realigned my Rogue’s toolbar thus:

(Ambush) Mutilate, Rupture, Envenom, Dispatch, Slice & Dice, Kidney Shot, Recuperate, Combat Readiness, Kick, Feint, Vanish, Evasion.    I went in two dungeons with her and nary a sneer!  Yay little Rogue!

roguish rogue


Then, I thought to send my Paladin into a dungeon to level a little.  I’ve only been using her Inscription skills since returning to this server and haven’t played her otherwise in months.  After a couple of weeks of annoying, “drag-everyone-through-the dungeon-while-spinning-like-a-top-tanks”  I get into a dungeon and the tank does nothing.   He/she/it doesn’t say just a minute, or anything, just nothing.  Everyone gets all jumpy and runs and starts fighting and I tool along with them. Everyone dies.

I look at the character portraits to see who the tank is and dang if there aren’t three DPS in addition to myself!  Holy Hairy Snakes!!!!!!!!   I AM THE IDJIT TANK!   I have used my Druid Bear as a Tank in dungeons countless times when the tank left and my Warrior a few times.  No problems.

Somehow, this poor Paladin got talked into tanking last time she was around and I didn’t notice the tank checkmark when I queued and I have no clue how to play a Paladin as tank.  Just call me Dungeon Deserter.  I wonder if it is available on a T-Shirt.

No Character Left Behind

Similar to the last post, I have decided that everybody gets to go to Draenor so I’m leveling all my long time characters to 90.

It is going well, and some characters such as my Warrior are actually more fun than I realized.

My slinky “Shadow Priests” I’ve decided are like weak Warlocks with all those debuffs so my girls are moving on up.

Alas my poor Rogues…I sent a level 50 Assassin Rogue into Stratholme and had the oddest group.  Really super nice people but I thought since we kept dying and dying again, they were not such good players.  Maybe they’re leveling alts they stinketh at as I am.   At the end, the last boss drops a MOUNT who knew he had one?    While I’m all agog there was a mount here, some goof who didn’t play well at all is running the ever dreaded damage count.   Let’s guess who did the least?   Hmmm?  And, the bozo just had to mention that they did more DPS than the rogue.    Once again the cone of shame descends.

So this morning I’m looking ONCE MORE at rotations for Rogues.  All these sites like Noxxic and Icy Veins tell you how to play your freaking level 90 character.   JMJ, don’t you know how to play the character by 90?   Maybe you could help those struggling to get there by hook or by crook.    Also, every other thread gives completely contradictory advice as to which skills to use when.   Thanks for that.

Finally I find a guide or two on Wow Insider (who just sacked many of their staff, boo.)

I’m pretty sure the Rogue guy is one of the ones no longer with them, goofs…  How nice is this, including his comment to turn off the Recount meter, thank you very much.


rogue rotation

90 or Busted

Goal oriented bozo that I am, I decided to see how many of my characters/classes I can get to 90 before the WOW expansion Warlords of Draenor  (I’m guessing this fall).

I have one feral druid, and didn’t want to do another of that exact type so I used a balance Druid most of the way to 90 as a second 90.

I’m at 87 with a Frost Mage and she is having a much easier time of it in Pandaria than either Druid did.

Trailing her is a Hunter I have at almost 81.  She’ll get to 90 for sure.

A Death Knight is high 80s and she’ll get there too, as is a Warlock.

I have a Warrior and a Paladin who I should be able to zoom along as well.

Easiest to say is that I won’t get a Rogue, Priest or Shaman up there because all three are not my best characters.

I can go Shadow with the Priest and level in dungeons, but it feels sooo cheap.  I get awful remarks about my Rogues in dungeons.

I’ve tried to look at alternate rotations and they just are not improving.  So…if I take an insta-90, one of those will be who gets the promotion to uberdom.  Though they will still stink.

wow instant 90 king me