The MisAdventures of Blah Blah Blah

I am distracted by real life issues, will be my excuse.  Read on if you dare.

I realigned my Rogue’s toolbar thus:

(Ambush) Mutilate, Rupture, Envenom, Dispatch, Slice & Dice, Kidney Shot, Recuperate, Combat Readiness, Kick, Feint, Vanish, Evasion.    I went in two dungeons with her and nary a sneer!  Yay little Rogue!

roguish rogue


Then, I thought to send my Paladin into a dungeon to level a little.  I’ve only been using her Inscription skills since returning to this server and haven’t played her otherwise in months.  After a couple of weeks of annoying, “drag-everyone-through-the dungeon-while-spinning-like-a-top-tanks”  I get into a dungeon and the tank does nothing.   He/she/it doesn’t say just a minute, or anything, just nothing.  Everyone gets all jumpy and runs and starts fighting and I tool along with them. Everyone dies.

I look at the character portraits to see who the tank is and dang if there aren’t three DPS in addition to myself!  Holy Hairy Snakes!!!!!!!!   I AM THE IDJIT TANK!   I have used my Druid Bear as a Tank in dungeons countless times when the tank left and my Warrior a few times.  No problems.

Somehow, this poor Paladin got talked into tanking last time she was around and I didn’t notice the tank checkmark when I queued and I have no clue how to play a Paladin as tank.  Just call me Dungeon Deserter.  I wonder if it is available on a T-Shirt.

What do you think?

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