Remember Your Failure At The Cave: Scarlet Halls

After going through this dungeon 10 times or so, I got this. Still, I managed to get killed in the opening archery court on my last try. Some wit in the group goes “What a Healing Pro! Dies in the fire!” A “pro” anything at level 30? Is he munching rotted Easter eggs or what? Happy Easter, by the way.

This and Scarlet Monastery is where my Priest and our Tank came to a huge brouhaha. Never fear, I can now go through this one in my sleep.

Don’t pick up a shield in the courtyard if you’re healer, this keeps you from healing. Who knew?

Ideally the three DPS grab them and run up on the bad guys because as soon as someone is up there, the flame arrows end and it’s a regular fight. I saw one tank just barrel on up and that worked too. Walking carefully up is not a good strategy.

The rest is fine except for the pictured guy below who has some weirdo tunnel of something that grabs you in a vortex and you’re helpless and dead then everyone is dead. I found that out at one point. Heal from above.

Scarlet Halls of Death

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