Guild Wars 2 Warrior

As you know both WOW and Sony were down yesterday and I had a few spare moments so I took a look at my Guild Wars 2 characters. I had created but not played one of several classes. The Warrior character is just gorgeous, had the ever desirable long hair and she is a monster in combat so far. She has just the right feel that you would want from a sword wielding character, she feels very powerful.

Her in game “voice” is really deep and she sounds like what I might call a “butt buster” girl. You know? “I’m a brute and my foot is coming your way”. I’d rather she had a less monstrous tone. I want elegance and power not Ye Butt Babe.

Here she is rough talking Ido the Tanner.

Guild wars2 Warrior and Ido the Tanner

What do you think?

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