I am in Love: Skywind

A version of the beloved Morrowind using the Skyrim engine!  So beautiful.  I love the music in the trailer.   A volunteer effort, these guys need to be crowned king.


I can’t get the video to embed, but ah, click the link.

The Making of Skywind I  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJwpaVwOaHM

Making of Skywind  II    http://youtu.be/uJwpaVwOaHM

Playing a Beta With Your Favorite Characters

I’m thinking this morning of all the betas I’ve played and how exciting it always is to explore new worlds and content. 

With an all new game, anything can happen, all is possible.  At some point however, you decide whether to keep playing in the world or not.

When you test a game you’re familiar with, and say have spent 8 years in, it is very different.  You can use your own characters who you have leveled to maximum through the world, who has their professions in place, and even if changes to combat skills are made, you “get” that character.  You can adapt to the new skill set.

When you’re playing with a max level character, it is something of a thrill to be able to take them out and let them explore and advance themselves in the world once more.  The process of leveling is somewhat addictive sometimes, and having that xp ceiling moved up means they are a full character once more, out on adventures.

I am having an excellent time in this new world with my favorite character.

A caravan leaves my garrison for Embaari Village

Beautiful Shadowmoon!   How I dislike Shadowmoon Valley in the Outlands as it is in the live game, but in Draenor it is a gorgeous place.

Leaving Embaari Village on my borrowed scorpion mount.  It is one smooth riding beastie.

Follow the Bozo: Warlords Garrisons and Followers

I have my first two Followers:  Qiana Moonshadow who apparently is an expert at fighting/doing quests in forest areas and a rogue whose name I apparently didn’t write down nor her specialties.

My take on the Followers now is that they are a mini-game sort of like Battle Pets.  Missions become available and you look at the quest and what is being fought, look at your available Followers and choose the one who you think can complete the quest.  You do get some indication going in on your likely success rate with that Follower.

Bozoid that I am I just willy nilly sent them both off and one Succeeded and one Failed.  I suppose if a quest comes up that neither of your current followers have a good chance  of completing you should just not send anyone, but as long as there’s better than half chance, off they go.

So far the Quests take the Followers 30 minutes to complete, then you have a message that they are complete and you should return to your garrison.  All interaction with them is through the command table where you get the missions.  They aren’t lounging about your garrison having a smoke between quests.

I’ll try to be more strategic about who I send where henceforth.  And my collecting instincts are now in gear so I want to catch them all and have a better variety of possible minions for quests which may come up.

The Follower Interface:

Pop Goes the Character

Clearly as we head into the weekend more rapscallions are playing and the lag and stability of play is well nigh non-existant.  But I want to play!

My “real” Druid is just less than a full box to level 91. Just please let me fill that box in.  She keeps getting popped to the load screen and is back in Stormwind argh and there is a portal there that you can take to Draenor but once you’ve been booted from Draenor you can’t enter it again for awhile. 

As far as character with professions I wanted to have my alchemist and  an inscriptionist first off for health potions and scrolls.

All those scrolls in the guild bank aren’t available to me because “you are not in a guild”.  Say what?  All I have is what is in my personal bank.

Strategically for testing, I want the inter-reliance my characters have to be available to me.

Most valuable player goes to my Druid/Alchemist.  The Druid is so flexible as a character.

I want a Mage for the ability to teleport.   Created the newbie but can’t play without disconnects this morning and the game was not holding onto my toolbar or glyph setups between disconnects.   

I’d like my Warlock/Inscriptionist for Scrolls but she won’t copy over.

If I could just have those three.

Meanwhile I’m going to push my live characters forward so they are really ready to go.

I’m In! Warlords of Draenor

A big wave of invites went out and my name was on one of them.  I didn’t realize that I could use my live character in the beta so I made a Frost Mage to try things out.

Agh my Live Bomb is gone 😦    How I do love my Live Bomb.

I ran her through the opening areas until I heard I could bring my “real” characters in.  My Druids are my 90s (I have been waffling with others and could smack myself) so I brought my favorite in.

I’ve been reading what others have to say about it and didn’t expect to be too excited about it, but WOW I really like the area and how it plays so much.  It has a dynamic feel to it that I haven’t seen in quite awhile.  It draws you in and moves you along as if the story and events have an urgency about them.  I love that.

I am now a fan of Khadgar, who I only knew before as an herb called Khadgar’s Whiskers.

I’m am doing something I never do in this game, I’m reading the quest texts.  The world and its story are interesting.

It does not feel anything at all like you’re in some alternate Outlands.  It feels all new.  Dark stories and deeds.

I appreciate more than I can say that multiple people who have a quest for a particular mob can just run up and start fighting it and get credit.  No waiting around for the right moment to tag it before the other guy.  So much better and everyone is happy and moves on.

I was so curious about the Garrisons, and truly could not picture it.  Mine is in Lunarfall.  It’s just plunked in the middle of the forest. I imagine when others approach they see their own Garrison rather than mine.

The architecture is reminiscent of The Grizzly Hills in Northrend.   Here’s the view from the outside:

Inside, there is a flightmaster, an Inkeeper, Architect Baros Alexston (who helps you build things), and “Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade Beta Instance Teleportation”

It is just like a little NPC village. They’re all bustling around.  Certainly none have come up to me and said they’re my minion or anything.

As a tutorial sort of thing for adding to the Garrison, I “built” a barracks.  You open a map of the compound via an architect’s bench and you need to place the barracks in an assigned spot.

Once it is in place here, you’ll see Alex and crew putting it together and then you have voila! a cozy barracks for your potential minions (I’m guessing).   No spot for me to sleep, noooo.   Not even a bedroll on the ground outside.

I haven’t gotten farther than this so I don’t know the ultimate purpose of the Garrisons.  My initial impression is that it will serve as a way station for your character, and you’ll be able to add features and the minions but I am not seeing it currently as player housing.

Trying to play this evening I think there are a huge number of people playing and there is alot of lag and many disconnects, and I want to play and explore and submit my incomparable Bug Reports.  Must sleep instead 🙂

EQ 2 Double XP Weekend

I’ve been playing my Mage a bit this weekend to take advantage of the double  XP, but though she is fun to play, my experience bar is crawling and I’ve only gained half a level.

For me this is an example of why you don’t want to play free to play games except as a very casual thing.  If this were a subscription game, you wouldn’t need to even think about all the ways in which your progress is stopped/slowed/hindered, you would just play.
 If a large portion of players thought progression was slow the company would go in and tweak it. The thinking there is make the game enjoyable for players.  
In “free to play” every effort of development seems to be aimed at thinking of all of the things players enjoy in a game then you get them to pay for it piecemeal.  It’s as if there isn’t an overall philosophy, but a very segmented one.
Your Sunday morning blah blah.


So a troll I couldn’t beat or dent made me consider starting over.   My son suggested I move the difficulty slider down. I’ve been playing MMOs for so long I actually forgot there was such a thing.

Moved it down and troll boy went down with my sword. Ha! Steenkin’ troll.
Suddenly I am killing stuff and am raking in the loot.  Got my Imperial House storage.
It’s a slippery slope though.  I scooted over to Weynon Priory and got the Paint Horse. Then I went into the priory and stole every apple and head of lettuce in the place.
Bad dog.  Maybe I should do the Thieves Guild after all since I’m such a low life.

And She Lives!

My husband who for some reason likes hearing about The Hero of Kvatch tinkered with Oblivion for me today.    The title and background music is gone but the game play is stable.

Having no confidence after my failure at the last cave, I went around the lake near Imperial City working the mudcrabs to get my blade skills up a bit, since whenever I panic I just go whack whack whack.

A couple of creatures and a bandit later, I went back to my home sweet shack and practiced my alchemy.

Then off to the Gilded Carafe to sell my potions to Miss Wrinkly Nose the Proprietor  (you know how they smoosh up their faces at you between sentences when they don’t like you).   A few weapons to one of the Three Brothers and over to Edgar’s Discount Spells where I could now purchase a single new spell.  I tortured between Major Wound (Drain Health) and Summon Scamp. 

I do love my conjured skeleton these days and don’t know if the scamp is significantly better but skellie is my pal and the wound might give me an edge.  Major Wound it is.  Now to try it out on some marauders…

Oblivion: Should I kill her off?

My Mage is getting pounded terribly at level 7.  I think I need to back up and not buy my house (though I was up till 2 in the morning one night getting the money) and use the money on spells.

Or, back her way up and re-do her as a better Mage now that I see how to play her, or be a weasly goof and make a warrior as I always do and just slice those stinker marauders with the tip of my Claymore.

I also had about five tries in a row to get a good session (presaged by the playing of the opening music) and nada, so I am discouraged.

This made me want to play Morrowind but I really really want to play it on my gaming pc not my POS laptop.  I can get rid of the Font =0 message by installing in C Program Files rather than C Program Files (x86) but the music error will not go away. I can play the files as Mp3s no problemo in the Bethesda Data Files folder but as the game comes up it’s a no go.

So…Skyrim.  I think I should re-roll her for sure.  I pulled her out of the Temple she was in and sent her down the mountain to regroup.  There was a terrific snowstorm all the way down with a couple of wolf attacks. No problem killing the wolves.

But I’m walking through this field at the bottom and there are three other people casually walking along too, and I’m thinking they’re farmers or townspeople walking around the place at 2 am (game time) when oops they’re bandits and I’m dead pretty quick.  I will definitely start her over.

Wildstar Characters and Paths

I hadn’t played for a bit but I made some progress this week.  I now have a Spellslinger/Explorer, a Warrior/Settler and a Medic/Scientist. 

There is an Esper too that I found to be not so effective, but it is likely I’m playing it like a melee class and jumping when I should stand still so I’ll give her another try.

I am surprised that I like the Medic best at this point, whaling her along to a lofty level 8.  I like the Scientist path too, though I don’t see myself being a huge “Lore” person.

My completionist ways are fed by finding all the scrolls and datacubes in each area.  I was unable to do this in the Northern Wilds because the second door in the Ecolab would not open, as all three consoles would not light up at once.  I actually have another Scientist on a second server and it popped right open for her so grr I say. 

Figure A only two consoles will light up:

Sent a Bug Report.  Thank you Wildstar, by the way, for a nice Bug Report form.

I like the Northern Wilds area and beyond that your character can go to much more than the Evensong Forest area which is all touchy feely and ack.

My plan is to make one of each class as I like to do to really see what the game offers.

I am eager to get a house but I’m not sure where I want to make my home.  I guess since I have to be level 14 for that no hurry.  I am saving little things I find in the world for my home and garden but am running out of bag space. I hope I find a town with a bank soon.