World of Warcraft Update Tuesday

World of Warcraft is patching in the new game changes this morning.

The inventory changes are awesome.  Class changes are going to be a challenge.  I tested my Druid, Hunter, Warlock, Mage and Death Knight in Draenor.  All but the Frost Mage handled Draenor fine despite class/skill changes.  My test (Template) Shadow Priest did fine too, except she has the weakest heals ever.  Her debuffs are still great so she can handle herself.

The Frost Mage got crushed in Draenor (removal of Living Bomb, Arcane Explosion, Evocation hurt) so I’m trying to up her armor by visiting the Timeless Isle and Isle of Thunder, places I’ve never done.  She is getting crushed in those places too, on live, still having those skills.  Will have to have my spouse come to Timeless with me to get some of that gear.  Isle of Thunder…ouch, ouch. I reek at scenarios.  No question.

I’m excited for the updates anyway, I can always adapt to skill changes, and the grand land of Draenor is now weeks closer.

Since nobody really reads this I can say I predict great success for the Draenor expansion, people will love it.  I am never wrong about how a new game or update will be received.

Draenor has the best storyline I’ve seen Blizzard do.  Entering the world with Khadgar and his pals and running into those folks throughout the world really makes you feel like you’re part of something larger than yourself.  You help them, they help you. 

Some of your favorite characters from the “old world” like Fiona become your Followers.  You send them on missions, they come back with booty, they hang out in your garrison. 

It is just your garrison, but as you enter Draenor it is also the first encampment of your ragtag little group from the Tanaan Jungles.

The garrison has so much to offer, particularly at level 3.  This last character set, I just moved my Druid to 100 then went back and had all these quests to do, including some for the garrison buildings such as the Stables where I need to go out and tame a variety of Mounts.

I will say I’m not a fan of the new character models so I turned that feature off.  I think that will give Blizzard some real work, tweaking that.

The Crafting system and the Work Orders is really uninteresting.  Way too many materials are required to make anything at all.  I do like the quest lines they put in for each craft.  They really need to work on crafting. 

Otherwise, it’s all good and I will be able to grit my teeth and send characters through still detestable Pandaria now, knowing Draenor awaits them.

What do you think?

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