Reagent Bank FTW and How to Get Rid of Your New Nasty Face

For my poor overloaded crafters this is a game changer. Poof and insta-bank and inventory space.  The non-crafters don’t need a reagent bank, and they gain personal bank space they never had because they were little pack mules for the “big guys”.

Sort of a House Elves situation.

The big thing I’m seeing in general/trade chat is people are horrified by their new faces.  I sure changed all mine to the un-updated models. (Shiver).

Yikes, RUN!!!!

Shrugging off the yucky face.

To get your old face back:  Game Menu/System/Advanced/Uncheck Show New Character Models

Blackwater Raiders had more people in Stormwind than I’ve seen since I first created a character there.  Nice to see.

2 thoughts on “Reagent Bank FTW and How to Get Rid of Your New Nasty Face

  1. All characters will be switched to the “old” model, there isn't any picking them individually that I saw.
    Select the Game Menu (?)
    Select System
    Select Advanced
    Uncheck the box at the right that says Show new character models.
    My Pandas and Worgen looked fine, but the Gnome, Dwarf and Humans look awful. I think Drenai is also ok. Night Elf looks to be wearing a metallic Death Mask.

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