Tiny Screen Games

Thanks to a note on Pocket Gamer, I found the original Tomb Raider on the App Store for a mere 99 cents and Tomb Raider 2 for 1.99.   Also for a whopping 6.99, Syberia.

The games look stunning on my little iPod touch.  I find the point and click interface of Syberia to be easier than Tomb Raider’s multi-digit mode.
I just got these but promptly got stuck on the first jumping puzzle in Tomb Raider.  I’ve done it a million times but not for ages and just haven’t recalled the trick of it.

Syberia is even better looking.

For the first time I wish I had an iPad Air 2 to play these on.  I’ll be stuffing my piggy bank for awhile to manage that.
In the meantime, I’m loving these tiny adventures.

What do you think?

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