A Few Moments of Relaxing Rift

Rift is my step out of every world into dreamy space place.  The music, the floaty movement of the npcs…so relaxing. 

I revisited my original characters and decided to back them up and skill up their crafts and achievements.

I had not found the Highest Point in Silverwood so I thought that was a short manageable thing to do.  I thought I could see the peak very easily from Sanctum.

Ha ha.  I scaled mountain after mountain it seemed and thought this must be it.  No.  Climb climb climb.  The next peak over always looked bigger.  And no achievement so I knew I hadn’t found it.

Finally (PLINK) I have it.  Even though the next peak over looked higher yet.

Next up, I missed exploring the depths of two particular caves.

Merry Christmas!

Bioshock: Looking For The Ladder

I’ve been fiendishly finding games for my iPod and could not resist old favorite Bioshock.  It isn’t compatible with the iPod but works fine on my phone.
It has been a long time since I played so I just started and I’m looking for a way up into the building so far without success. 
As you can see, the screen is dark and I am horribly distracted by the terrible glug glug drowning noises my guy keeps making.  Ack. 

Still, very cool to enter this world again from the comfort of my snugly couch.
Dragon Age Inquisition
For the first time in years I had a computer game to ask for for Christmas. I haven’t even installed it yet but every mention of it I’ve seen so far makes me expect a great adventure.
Happy Gaming!