Neverwinter: When Free is So Not Free

Neverwinter had a promotion where you could log in and for a short window get a free wolf mount.

I had not logged in a long while though I find the game very enjoyable.  It wasn’t clear how you would claim the pet. Usually you get a friendly pop up for log in rewards saying click here.  
No, you had to locate the Zen vendor npc and navigate through the “free” menu only to find that you needed to be level 20 and be able to use the mount in order to claim it.  
My character is level 18 so she couldn’t claim it.  They might think a player would just play for the time it took to get those two levels and voila.
Normally I would have done that.
There was the game update time.  
Trotting around the city and the winter holiday area trying to find where to claim: a half hour?
All my skills were reset.  Choose again and re-learn the character class? I think not.
Dear Neverwinter:  if it is free, just give it to me, thanks.

Five Alive in Draenor

I finally crawled my main character to 100.  I could have done it sooner but I had done it over and over for months and bleh just wanted to float.   

I’m so happy to have my level three garrison again and I smile to think this time it won’t be taken away.
Now to level the buildings, finish quest lines and dungeon dive.
Last night my Death Knight got to 90 and I took her to the Timeless Isle.  She only found a couple of armor pieces there.  I got twitchy to test her out in Draenor so off she went to talk to Khadgar.
I typically run a DK through the world as Blood and queue for dungeons as Frost. Somehow I’ve just been playing her as Frost and when I went to swap her to Blood for Draenor she felt weaker and as if she didn’t have as many moves.  Maybe I just need to tweak her rotation.
Now that Ms Big is at max, I can move my Warlock, Paladin and Frost Mage along.
Crafting in Draenor continues to be a slog.  100 Hexweave cloth or 100 Truesteel Ingots for a single piece of armor and the most limited list of recipes ever.  
Cooking is loaded with recipes which makes it far more fun.  Even my son is cooking with his character and fishing!  Unheard of for him.
An awful armory pic of my DK: