Neverwinter: When Free is So Not Free

Neverwinter had a promotion where you could log in and for a short window get a free wolf mount.

I had not logged in a long while though I find the game very enjoyable.  It wasn’t clear how you would claim the pet. Usually you get a friendly pop up for log in rewards saying click here.  
No, you had to locate the Zen vendor npc and navigate through the “free” menu only to find that you needed to be level 20 and be able to use the mount in order to claim it.  
My character is level 18 so she couldn’t claim it.  They might think a player would just play for the time it took to get those two levels and voila.
Normally I would have done that.
There was the game update time.  
Trotting around the city and the winter holiday area trying to find where to claim: a half hour?
All my skills were reset.  Choose again and re-learn the character class? I think not.
Dear Neverwinter:  if it is free, just give it to me, thanks.

What do you think?

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