2014 in Review

Wildstar was the only completely new game I recall playing this year.  I really enjoyed it for a relatively short time, I guess, then played sporadically till I decided I should unsub.

I loved the cartoony style of the game, and the jumping.

I tried a couple of classes and didn’t feel as if either was very effective for me.

I wanted to see the housing but having it available only at level 14, low as that is, made it so I never (sniff) got to see my Rocket House.  Honestly, they should let you have it much earlier so you felt like you had a stake in the game.

I played a lot of Oblivion, though I had terrible problems with the game crashing.  It remains my favorite Bethesda game.

By July, I got an invite to test Draenor and was captivated, and didn’t really want to play anything else, even the live version of the game.

It remains my favorite release of the year.

I began playing and collecting IOS games later in the year and these are also older games made new.

Everquest 2 was in my rotation for awhile and I’ll go back to that.  I think I do need to pick a character and level them to max so I know the game and the game world.   Alt-itis isn’t serving me well here.

Rift, my standby favorite always beckons.  My characters are 36 and 47.  These are my originals.  My cleric looks disturbingly like my grandmother and my mage type is sort of awkward and she looks like a snake when she walks.  My newer characters came out much better.  I also hate the name of the mage.  Where did I come up with that?

Also, every other time I log in I get the dread “It looks like you’re logging in from a new computer or location.”  Hello.  My computer has been in the exact same spot for several years.   It would help if they said “You look like you’re in Turkey.  Is this still you?”  Then I’d know if some plinker was actually trying to log in to swing my grandma around the block.   I almost wrote them a letter tonight when I tried to log in and argh.   It was ONE OF THOSE letters so I thought I had better not.
(Note: Unbelievably I just went to log back in to Rift and the authenticator came right back up.  Give me a break.)

Finally I played a bit of Guild Wars 2 and really liked my Engineer for awhile, then didn’t.  I made one of each class, I think, and would like to give the others a try.


What do you think?

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