Tiny Screen Adventures: in Rapture With The Wrench

Figure “A” handy wrench
It’s all good now.  I’ve made my way into Rapture and have Andy Ryan guiding me along.  I was able to save and load so we’re off.
Floating towards the city in the bathosphere , I thought what I thought of it in the past: what a magnificent underwater city, it’s too bad it didn’t work out.
Then you’re inside and a guy with long hooks for hands kills another guy right outside the bathosphere.
You move with your left thumb and turn/look up and down with your right.  Coordinating the two makes you glide along smoothly but it’s hard for me to maintain.
As you can imagine once I was attacked from out of the darkness by a crazy, my thumbs went wild and I swung the wrench all over ending in my death.  
That was quick.