A Week in Games

World of Warcraft:  Ran all my Blackwater characters through Darkmoon Faire.  I usually run my secondary server folks through too, but I just thought nah.

Blackwater at some point that I missed lost the ERP-y presence of Moonguard.  I can’t tell you what a relief it is to trot through Goldshire and they aren’t piled all over like maggots.  Seriously. 

Our sister server is Shadow Council and they are 95% nice and there seem to be many interesting sorts chatting away.  It makes a difference in wanting to play and sometimes even talking in Trade myself.

Rift  I solved my login problem with Rift and I’m just working alchemy and butchering with my Cleric.  I really like the landscapes of the world.  All of the elevators and puzzle worthy ways of getting from point A to Point B sometimes.  It’s just such a varied terrain.  You can really feel like an explorer in a place like that.

DragonAge Inquisition:  Finally this is installed. I spent a great deal of time in character creation.  I thought she looked pretty good.  Then I got her out in the world and my god she has this green eye shadow and unbelievable green eyeliner.  Priss from Bladerunner at your service.  Every time there is a conversation her big moon face gets a closeup and I cringe.  She also has this big old deep voice that doesn’t match her looks.

I know I should be all about the combat and uberness but the combat is fine. I took a warrior with a two handed sword as I always do when I’m not sure what combat will be like.

She may have to die an untimely death.   I could just stick a helmet on her but I bet those green googly eyes would be right out there anyway.

Bioshock   I played just that bit.  I really like playing on a mobile device snuggled on my couch but I don’t know about the thumb problem.  I may just install the pc version and play ahead a bit on it to see what is coming then play through the same bit on the wee screen, better prepared.  That’s not cheating, right? 

Lord of the Rings   I’ve not played in ages and actually uninstalled it.  I did like the Producer’s Letter, and I’d love to see them merge servers.  They could have done that long ago.  I’ll wait and see but Middle Earth is definitely a place worth returning to one last time, as they said in The Hobbit.

What do you think?

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