Crowfall in the News

Here’s a nice article from Eurogamer on newly arisen MMO-to-be Crowfall:

12 Archetypal Classes with the ability to distribute Attribute Points at character creation is pretty interesting!

The interview with Thomas Blair, lead designer about Crafting is what really sent me over the side.  I appreciated how he talked about playing crafting in many games, and really looking hard at what they did well and what not. From there comes the desire to make a game that is engaging and creative for us.   I can’t recall the company that used to have the motto “For Gamers by Gamers” or something near that.  That thinking is exactly what a game needs. People who like to play creating the sort of game they themselves would like.

Massively has a story and video with game design guru Raph Koster about his consulting work on Crowfall.  Another reason to have high hopes for the game is the inclusion of this brilliant fellow.

From the Ultima Codex, an article on team member Mike McShaffry’s involvement.


Blessing of Kings is interested but a bit cautiously

Keen and Graeve, deep DEEP Galaxies fans, had some nice things to say.

Raph Koster makes his own announcement of his involvement

What do you think?

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