The Secret World: Get Along, Little Doggie

I like the game so far.  It is very bizarre, but in a good way.  A rare game set in modern times it has a semi-apocalyptic feel. 

I had trouble choosing a faction but with three character slots you can try them all.  I went with Templar though they seemed a touch overzealous in their fight to keep order.  You never know with those types.

I liked the semi-automatic weapon but went with Elemental Magic.   The Pistols looked fun too. 

There seemed to be an unusual number of mohawks at character creation.   The “long hair” styles were all above should length.  Hmmpf.

My character is always in this apelike stance. I suppose she’s ready for combat, but it is odd.  She runs like a monkey too.

I haven’t played anything with so many cut scenes in ages.  Just one after another.

I’ve made my way to Kingsmouth and ol’ cowboy Jack Boone needs help with some zombies around his camp area. 

They come in groups of three to six.  As far as I can tell you can’t pull one aside to talk to him, nope you get a group.  A really large group when you’re asked to hop on a car hood and jump around to bring some of the zombies over.  Boy do they come running.  Next up, I’m supposed to lure the zombies into some fires to see (wink) if that kills them.

I’m doing fine with elemental magic so as long as I keep shooting and backing away from the herd.  Knock on wood I haven’t died yet.
A good addition to my games list.

Darkside Detective

On the way is a teeny tiny game of detection for your phone (or other Tiny Screen Adventure Device and a variety of other platforms) called Darkside Detective.

From their home page:

Where cultists crawl, where demons dwell, where the occult… occults? you’ll find Detective Francis McQueen, the sole member of the criminally underfunded Darkside Division. When evil darkens the doorsteps of Twin Lakes City – hell, even when it just loiters around shop fronts or hangs out in shady alleyways – he’s there, ready to investigate the cases that nobody else will. He is The Darkside Detective.

The Darkside Detective is a micro-adventure game with a distinct art style and charm. It’s being developed for PC, Mac, Smart Phones and Tablet devices, and is set to be released later this year. The game consists of a series of humorous bite-size investigations into the occult and extraordinary.

You’ll find a demo link on their homepage as well.   I like their attitude and enthusiasm, and I love a good mystery.

Find them on Facebook:

EQ II The Message In A Bottle

Today when I logged in my Bottle was in my inventory. 

I set it down in a nice spot for display.  Note I finally have a new outfit.  My knobbly little mouse knees are right out there for all to admire and dream on.

I read the message and of course choose to use the bottle’s spell.

Poof! In a bit of sparkle I am transported to an Abandoned Island.

Nearby is a survivor of the crash who needs help.  I search the beach area and find a book which gives me a cooking recipe.  I get a quest to find the ingredients in a nearby untended garden.  There is a cooking fire near a shack.  There are several other books on the beach but they can’t be interacted with.

I’m asked to make a Prime Blessing Recipe using the workbench in the shack but I don’t have the recipe for some reason ( I keep thinking it must be in one of those other books).  I can’t advance.

Looking around the island a bit I see a vulture like creature who is level 15 and my character is only level 12.  Remembering how much trouble my Froglok had with a spider just one level up, I don’t have the confidence to attack it.

I think I’ll leave her here for the nonce and see if those books can be interacted with next time I log in. 

Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders

Via the Official Agatha Christie Facebook page,  it is the 125th Anniversary of Agatha Christie’s birth and there are all sorts of fun things going on to celebrate.  

One of them is a new game called The ABC Murders based on the book of the same title.

Coming this summer from Microids (Makers of Syberia and Amerzone) it looks promising!

Lord of the Rings Online & Steam

Yay!  I had success using Steam to download LOTRO and there I was, floating through Middle Earth once more.

I really liked the horse mount I have.  Really nicely animated.  He has a name I chose myself, not some bizarre randomly generated name.

The music remains some of the best in game music anywhere. 

My time was spent completing a couple of quests to get a feel for the interface and combat again.   I cleared anything older than the area I’m in from my quest log, and dumped any group quests I found.  It appears you can have 43 quests in your log which is very generous, very nice.

I’m having trouble locating the creatures I need to kill for a task.  I wonder if I should cancel that and see if the quest NPC offers it again or if he offers a new one.   I’d hate to think the drop rate is so exceedingly low that I just didn’t get the item I needed because of that sort of issue. and I haven’t another way that I see to verify I’m killing the right creatures.

Frick.  I forgot to pick up my loot from the handy dandy loot bag that gathers your stuff but doesn’t stuff your inventory. Eek.

Note:   Aha, it turns out the quest items were in my loot bag.  I need to pay attention to what I loot in the chat window so I can see if I’m on the right track and in the right place.

Throwback Thursday: Lego Universe

The Award for Most Frustrating Beta Ever goes to Lego Universe! 

Such an adorable game. The Mini-Figs were so cute.  The world and environments were everything you would wish for.  But.

As happens in a beta, many, many things didn’t work.  Expected.  You expect to play, give feedback, see what other people think, share tips.

In this beta, you had a very limited in-game ability to say anything in chat.  You could only use certain words and phrases.  Certain letters of the alphabet!

Problematically, the forums were run the same way.  Every comment was moderated.  This doesn’t mean what you think it means. They didn’t removed anyone’s posts, they just never let them show up.

As adorable as it all seemed, I got highly frustrated with the inability to provide feedback in game and out.  In a rare for me bit of snit-ishness, I sent some emails directly to the Support email, then I walked away from the Beta and the game.

Dear Lego Peeps:

The Imagination globes that I pick up have stopped registering so I am unable to complete “builds” and quests.


One of the Nimbus Station Quests to talk to Melodie Foxtrot is not able to be completed because her Survival mini-game “is not available in beta”


My Character’s hair keeps disappearing whenever she is near objects such as walls


The purple “infected bricks” have an extremely low drop rate this evening.  I was picking them up left and right on Sunday and tonight I could only get one after killing over 15 Stromlings.



Extremely laggy today in Avant Gardens/launchpad area/Nimbus Station


Game Crashed in Nimbus Station Rock Concert area while attempting to access vendor there.


Embarrassed Mini-fig does not wear his Party Pants to dance once you get them for him.  He wears nothing.


My character name, which I have been using (so I know it is an approved name) was not approved at any point in the play session.  My name remained the auto-generated name.


Words I could not use to help other players:



Cove (to say where Pet Cove is!!!! Aggghhh!!!)

Please reconsider the limited vocabulary useable in the game!


Did you change it so I cannot use “i” to open my backpack?




My character was deleted from Thursday so I’ve extra opportunities to do the starter area.


Venture Station


I’m hoping you put in a cutscene to introduce the game, and to let the player know they are on a space station that is falling apart.  I realize you have the plaques but they are easy to disregard especially if you’re new to this game, or as the case may be, a new gamer altogether who may not think of examining all objects.  I think some players with slower computers may have trouble with the screen shake here as well.


Achievements–you give achievements here for reading plaques, looking through binoculars and finding all three types of ship parts.  Completists will want to know these are available and this is the area to introduce them to the fact that you have an achievement system in game.  The game announces you’ve gotten your first achievement in Avant Gardens, but if in fact they can be had in Venture Station, it needs to be known.


I think the directions for movement are very good here, with the onscreen mouse and confirmation that the player has performed the correct action.  Today was extremely laggy though and these did not show up right away.  I would expect heavy traffic at launch and this might be something to think about.


Avant Gardens:  I think you should take the Gold Bricks and Pets out of this area and only introduce them to areas in Nimbus Station and beyond where they will have access to pets.  I think having these in this beginning area creates confusion and frustration.


Spiders:  I would suggest you make it clear how a player can get the gas mask that allows them access to the back of the spider nest as soon as they enter the area or when the quest is given.




I would like to be able to see someone else’s home to see what is possible before I attempt to build my own.  I need a simplification of the building process in this area.  It is easy to look at real Lego bricks and see what you need to build, but in this property area, I cannot see how they fit together.  I need to read the tutorial, but that level of help needs to be right in the game so play isn’t interrupted,


I’m glad to see all the faction quests working.  It adds another layer of depth to what is really a fun game.


At login my character had her chosen name displayed properly rather than the auto-generated one.


She tried the AG Survival for her last faction stamp.

    -kicked out to login screen several times after being defeated

    -was partnered with herself one time

    -had a message to talk to the quest npc a couple of times, but after disconnect to login screen the npc’s question mark was still greyed out so had to try instance again


Finally was given mission completion and went to Nimbus Station to turn in the four faction stamps.

Game froze with  a close-up of the quest npc cheering after selecting the Venture Faction.  Tried backing out to select mini-fig screen, then going back in which put the game back in normal perspective. 


The Venture rep and the Venture NPC would not speak with my character, or interact at all.  Also in achievements the Join Venture was not marked.  The quest to collect the stamps or turn them in was gone.  Tried logging all the way out and back in.  Still not able to get recognition of completion and joining the faction.



Started a new character.  Her name was approved almost immediately, however her name on the screen remained MemeLoudTrout (auto-generated) rather than my chosen name.


I’m noticing a lot of people in the Venture Explorer stuck at the first steps and I cannot answer their questions about how to jump because I cannot say “w” to jump.  😦 😦 😦    People who are used to the WASD control scheme will be familiar with using the w and spacebar simultaneously with the mouse, but a new gamer will have trouble possibly and I’m picturing little hands at the keyboard and perhaps they might not have the finger span to do the actions.


These Are Not Blood Elves…

So I log in tonight and my Atherne appears to be wearing a cold metallic Death Mask.

My Paladin doesn’t look like this…

She looks like this:

My happy go lucky rogue looks full of sorrow:

And of course my Gnome is all serial killer looking once more:

Angry Gnome is Angry!

I can’t find the option to have the old character models again.  Grrr.   Wait…   Game Menu/System/Advanced/Uncheck Show New Character Models

Good thing that worked. My Elf also ran like she had on Cement Boots.  Now she’s ok.

Crowfall Kickstarter

Today is the official Kickstarter opener for Crowfall.

They’re off to a whopping good start!  Good for them.  I watched the video and they hit all the right notes.

Although everyone says it, I believe these guys when they say they want to make an awesome game they and you will want to play. 

I’m unfamiliar with Todd Coleman, but Gordon Walton, Raph Koster, Thomas Blair, I’d follow those guys anywhere.  They’re brilliant, they play the games, they enjoy interacting with the players, and they all have that rare quality, integrity.

As they say, see you in game.

Patch Day World of Warcraft 6.1

I love a good Patch Day.

Although there aren’t any nice big quest lines (and there’s really no excuse for that), there are tons of things that add functionality to the game.

I am not disappointed at all that there is no flying.  The zone was designed to have treasures and puzzles and alternative activities that would be diminished by flight. 

The next Expansion should take place in some land where you’re always up in the air, always flying, and those who love to fly can zoom back and forth endlessly happy.

The next Patch should let me decorate my Garrison!  I want rugs, I want paintings, I want furniture.  I want the ability to have the buildings reflect the homelands of my characters or even let me choose the theme.

Highlights that I find interesting or worthy of comment:

Blood Elf Models:  Weren’t they already the Fairest of Them All?  Did they really need tweaking?

Twitter Integration:   I can see this being useful for some, but Like I Tweet Much.  I’m sure not connecting my Fake-O Gamer Twitter account to my real life game account.  Keep It Separate, Keep It Safe.

Toys: ….In the real world I have lots of toys.  More toys than I ought to have.  In the game they seem useless and annoying.

Garrisons:   I can’t understand why they didn’t add any Guild Functionality or even the ability to just Set Permissions so people you know can just enter without being grouped.  Or let your Alts use your stuff.  Sheesh.

I do like the New Garrison Visitors

  • One of five new visitors may visit each day offering a quest to anyone that visits players with a Tier 3 Garrison.
    • Defeat a dungeon boss: Completing this daily quest awards Garrison Resources.
    • Defeat a raid boss: Completing this weekly quest awards gold and an item level 645 token with a chance for it to be an item level 655 token.
    • Bounty (intended for 2 or more players): Group up with 2 or more additional players to hunt down and defeat a powerful enemy and you’ll earn gold and a chance to get an heirloom quest item off of the creature you kill for the quest.
    • Relic: Completing these quests will reward gold and ultimately Harrison Jones as a new Follower.
    • Profession: Get your hands on more Primal Spirits, reduce surplus reagents, and buy new recipes for crafted upgrades and transmutes.
  • For the Pet Battlers out there, there’s a separate chance for an additional visitor offering unique Pet Battles with a chance to award a bag containing Pet Battle items and new Battle Pets.

Harrison Jones in my Garrison!!!

I love the music of Draenor, and some other areas of the game, so I like everything that I know so far about the  New Garrison Music Box

  • Players can assemble a music box allowing them to play music in their Garrisons.
  • The music box can be obtained as a reward from a new quest found in your Garrison.
  • New songs can be collected from throughout the world to expand your music library.

The Archaeology Follower Mission changes are my favorite part of the Follower Missions Updates

  • New Profession Missions are now available on upgrading a profession building to level 3. Successfully completing these missions award an item that allows instant completion of work orders.
  • Players can unlock Relic and Bounty missions for their followers by completing the corresponding Relic or Bounty quest offered by one of the random daily new visitors to the Garrison.
  • New exploration missions are available to players with a skill of at least 1 in Archeology. Successfully completing these missions can award Archeology fragments, keystones, or treasure maps for a Draenor zone. Treasure maps obtained in this manner does not require quest achievement completion for the Draenor zone.
  • Archeology Vendors in Stormshield and Warspear now sell an item that’ll spawn a follower exploration mission for 5 Restored Artifacts.
  • New Level-100 Scouting missions to a Battlefield now awards an item that grants access to missions that award Apexis Crystals.
  • New Raid missions to Blackrock Foundry are now available for a cache that awards level 665, 680, or 695 items.
  • New follower missions have been added that can award gold, Apexis Crystals, Savage Blood, or Augmentation runes.
  • Level 90-94 gold and Garrison Resource missions will now continue to appear even if there are no Followers that are level 90-94.
  • Level-100 Garrison resource missions now award more Garrison Resources.
  • Scavenger trait for Followers now increases Garrison Resources gained from a mission by 100% (down from 200%).

Darkmoon Faire (This Very Weekend!   )

  • The Darkmoon Faire have added an exciting new racing event with opportunities to obtain new unique prizes!