Cartoon Warning: EQ 2 Message in a Bottle Quest

Bitstrips used to be a favorite Cartoon Generator but now they want you to sign up via your Facebook Account so you can spam your annoying cartoons at everyone.  Peace, babies.  Here’s a crudely done one with no polish of any kind.  I like the stick figure though and might be able to draw my own.

I went back to the Abandoned Island and checked all the books and my recipe list,  and still do not have the recipe I need for the quest.

There is a nice walkthrough on EQ2 Traders that might help me.

In the meantime…

Old Cartoon Extravaganza

I really need to make more cartoons. I can’t draw so I’ve always used online generators.  Here are all the game related ones taking up space on my pc.  They seemed humorous at the time!


Not mine, obviously, but pretty cute.

I’m really sorry this one never worked out:

Wisely I appear to have not saved more of the older stuff.  I’ll just need to do some new ones.  Cause they’re so fun to do and sooo hilarious.   Joking.

Tidying Up

I’ve added lots of great blogs to the roll.  General and game specific blogs are always fun to read.

I have links to game specific sites and fan sites with pictures of my iconic characters from the games.  I love seeing them there 🙂   Many games don’t seem to have fan sites and some don’t even have well done wikis. It’s a shame.

My Twitter Feed thingie is gone because it is just a reminder that I don’t Tweet, though my gaming Twitter feed of other people Tweeting is most entertaining to read. 

Under Game Worlds and News (way at the bottom) are news sites, of course, and game companies whose games I play and enjoy.

I also looked at my January list of games I was looking forward to and added those so I can check on their progress more easily.  I left out the Nintendo and Sony PS4 games from the list since I won’t be playing those.  I must gratuitously put the picture from Yoshi’s Wooly World here because I love him.