EQ II: Wizard Out in the Woods Once More

The quests in Neriak “City of Hate” are finally complete and my character is back out in Darklight Woods.  Compared to the City, the Woods is a sunshine drenched place.

As if by magic, finally I have the recipe for Blessing of the Prime in my pack!  OMG!!!!

I want to port back to the City or my House so I can go back to the Abandoned Island and finish this quest line.  Noobaroon that I am, I can see no way to transport to either place.  This means I have to use the area map to find my way back to The City, then make my way through that dark maze of streets to my home.

Should I complete the quests in this area or zoom back to the ever desirable Island?

Since I picked up a recipe I couldn’t use, I considered doing the unthinkable and killing off my non-bad guy characters and creating new baddies so I can share resources among my characters as I always do.  I hate to say, but the long term life/health of this little mouse is in doubt, so I perhaps should just go all in Evil, apparently, and enjoy it while it lasts, is my thought.  Prepare for screams of angst through the virtual-o-sphere as I kill the poor bugs off.

What do you think?

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