Guild Wars 2: Effective Level 8

 I’m enjoying playing my Norn Warrior.  She actually had a one year birthday recently, for which I got a nice in game email and some in game rewards such as extra xp.  I created the character and didn’t play her, but now Guild Wars 2 is in my pleasant MMO rotation so I’m advancing the character, though slowly.

Character Level

I have many questions about the game, the top one being what the heck is my character’s actual level.  Her character sheet says she is Level 21, Effective Level 8.  I keep seeing her Health amount going up and down and I’m assuming that is just putting me at the same level as other players in the area working on the same Public Events stuff.


I found the bank in Hoelbrak and stuffed all of my crafting ingredients in it.  I can’t decide which crafts to pick up and haven’t found an online guide yet that tells me what each requires and suggests good choices for each class.

The obvious thought for a Warrior would be Weaponsmithing or Armorsmithing, but I find that in many games, by the time I get the ingredients needed to make anything useful in these two tradeskills, I’ve leveled past the helpfulness of what I can make.

Which Weapon?

I understand that your skills are dependent on the weapon you use, and researching Warrior, it seems Two Handed Sword is best, right? But I have a Two Handed Hammer that does considerably more DPS so, shouldn’t I just equip that instead?  I haven’t done any dungeons or groups with this character, nor do I plan to, really, so perhaps the guides I’ve seen are aimed at group effectiveness, and I should just pull out that Hammer and WHOMP stuff.

5 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: Effective Level 8

  1. Leveling is really fast in GW2, so there is that. Or maybe you used a level 20 scroll from the birthday gift?

    The great thing about downleveling is that no content is ever locked out by leveling past it. You can always come back and do content in any zone. If you want to move where drops and mobs will match your level one day and come back to a lower area the next there's no problem. Lots of people stick with level-appropriate areas so they can get some rarer cloth drops, but go back and finish other content when they feel like it.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I stuck my crafting ingredients in the bank, I had no idea there was another option.

    I will stick with my Two Handed Sword then, I appreciate the advice. If I'm a melee type character I like a claymore or broad sword for the longer reach. They always look more impressive to me than a hammer of any type or size.

  3. Hey. Cool to see you're also writing about Guild Wars!

    On crafting: did you know you can just dump all your crafting mats in your material storage? You can click the cog at the top right of your inventory and select “Deposit all materials”. That way you'll have a lot more space for other things in your bank (like food, XP buffs or good weapons/armour you want to send over to other characters).

    Just checking. Discard what I wrote above if you already knew this. 😉

    Also, I'd just go for the craft you like most. It's good to know that you get the most crafting XP by mixing and discovering new recipes yourself as opposed to making recipes that you already know. If you do that, you should be able to keep up with the levelling quite well. I think I might have some extra copper, so let me know your in-game name if you need a headstart. 🙂

    Which weapon:

    I don't think there's really one “the best”, although of course some are nicer for levelling in landscape and others that are better for group play, as you already said. I'd stick to one weapon type (or two if you're swapping already) to start with and ignore others (even if they have slightly higher DPS), so you can get to know your skills and get good at it. I personally really like two handed sword too and it's great for levelling, but my boyfriend uses two axes because you get a hilarious AoE attack and that works fine as well. I've been using a longbow for secondary weapon/weapon swapping so I have some ranged attacks too, but I'm not really sure yet if I'll stick to that.

    I'm curious to hear what you'll end up using. 🙂

  4. That's odd. I honestly haven't played the character enough to have reached level 21. I can't think how it happened. I guess I could move her forward to an area that matches her actual level, but I would miss an awful lot of content by doing that. Almost Twilight Zonish.

  5. Your level is 21, the game just sets your effective level according to which area you are in. The scaling is NOT perfect, and as a higher level scaled down to 8 you are considerably stronger than an actual lvl 8 character. Its still less “kill everything with one blow” than if you kept your actual level though 🙂
    Its the same as mentoring in other MMORPGs, just forced.

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