Throwback Thursday: A Comic Con Souvenir

We had a once in a lifetime (because you can’t get tickets, people) trip to San Diego Comic Con.  Despite the hours of waiting in lines I’d go again if we could get Friday/Saturday tickets.  The atmosphere there is like nothing at any convention I’ve ever been at.  I swear every single person there was dying of excitement just to be there.

One of the panels was on Epic Mickey and featured Warren Spector.  I’ve long admired him and had the utter boldness (for me) to work my way into the front row after sitting through several other panels.

He was great, he was brilliant, it was The Happiest Panel On Earth.

While I have zero boldness, my husband specializes in bold.  He went up after the panel and talked to Warren Spector and came back with his autographed name tag! Ahhhh!!!!!!  Talk about treasures.

3/20/15    From deep in the archives, pictures from the panel.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: A Comic Con Souvenir

  1. Meeting extraordinary people can be such a great thing, as long as they are all you hoped they'd be. In this case, Spector was smart and genial and just as excited to be in that room as all of us were.
    It sounds as if Judi and Brom were just as you imagined, and you have that, if not the paper.

  2. Wow, that's quite the autograph. Two of my left-behind regrets include an autograph from (not-Dame back then) Judi Dench, whom I ran into at Euston station in London, and an original sketch of one of my AD&D characters by then-TSR artist Brom (who did the Dark Sun stuff among others). Both are lost in the mists of the move to the US, though it's possible one of my old college chums still has it, as he inherited most of my cra– er, cool stuff.

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