A Bit of Warcraft

Yay, I ran all five of my 90+ characters through all of their garrison paces tonight.  Everyone had a full garrison stash.

This is a bad thing because most of them are forever teetering at 10,000 resources.  I have to take as many missions as I can to get the number to drop a tiny bit.  I don’t take any of the resource follower missions.

I have been taking the Follower missions that give money or relics for the most part.  I totally am not into the Follower upgrades, but when I get them I toss them all on my best girl and favorite Follower Fiona.

I’ve decided my favorite Followers are:
Shelly Hamby
Bruma Swiftstone

Vindicator Onaala

I’m not remotely attached to any others.

I spent a pleasant bit of time rearranging a couple of bank tabs.  That’s living.

The set of quests for the Garrison Jukebox were really fun.  I liked searching for them in the various areas of Draenor.

I hoped the little NPC would give me leads so I go could out into the larger world to find even more tunes for my jukebox, but he had nothing for me.

Apparently there are more to be had, though many are in dungeons.  I may see how many I can get.

Here is Wowhead’s guide with nice clickable music bits so you know if you want the scroll or not.


Although I’m working mostly on Atherne’s quest log (which was full last Darkmoon Faire), I am also occasionally playing my Rogue and Warrior and my Hunter. 

I’m having my Hunter work to do every quest in Outland, something I have never managed to do.   She’s in Zangarmarsh, an area I’ve always liked for some reason.  You know the quest where you accept a ride and fly over most of the marsh to see what oddities are happening?

Somehow my gryphon went missing but I still sailed along.  I’ve never seen a bug of this type in Warcraft before.  It wasn’t just me, while fishing a nice pool on another day, I saw another person go sailing by just the same way.

Here is my character’s selfie shot, which I would caption “Is that Your Face, Or the Moon?”