Guild Wars 2: Inching Along

I spent quite a bit of time this evening in yet another area of the Wayfarer Foot Hills.  I’ll be done with this area soon, because I came upon a portal leading to an interesting looking level 17ish area and I’ve done most of the quests in the area. 

My xp did not seem to be accumulating at any great rate, I was watching it. I did get to “effective level 12” and actual level 22.

Happiness is gathering resources in the landscape.  I found copper, fruits, vegetables, trees.  It just adds that little treasure hunting zing to find things as you whack your way through the landscape.

At the end of my session I went back to the large major city whose name I forget.  I’ve decided to take up Armorsmithing after all.  An NPC let me buy a couple of recipes from him out in the foothills, and I could learn them, though I haven’t trained in anything.  Most interesting.