Lord of the Rings Online: Into Lothlorien

I haven’t played this game much since re-installing, in part because I couldn’t choose which character to play.  My 60 Hunter or 41 Loremaster? 

The Hunter is ever my favorite and she was in Moria, I must have wanted to back up and complete things there before going back out into the larger world, because she could have been much further along in the world.

I decided to begin again in Lothlorien, and truthfully, this area is what made me stop playing.  I liked almost nothing about it, and was so disappointed in how Lothlorien was presented.  Not close to what I imagined from the books.  I think I can play through now and I won’t be so invested and care so much.

I had a terrible time finding my way out of Moria.  My travel goat got stuck somewhere in the middle and I had to log out and in then find my way through all of the goblins and orcs on foot.  Embarrassing, really, since I once knew the area so well.

Once out, I took time to choose a spec.  I didn’t spend as much time as I probably should have looking at the three choices. I went with Bowmaster, spent most but not all my points just in case.
It’s one thing going into a game with a low level character and not knowing how things will go, but when you go back after quite a while with a higher level character and everything in the world has changed, it seems so much trickier.

Finding some NPCs just ahead, I took all of the quests, then set off to fight ever more orcs.  My Bowmaster spec and skill choices served me well, because I fought much better outside Moria with the new spec in place that I had in Moria trying to find a way out.

I’ve more orcs to kill, but I set my character down in the safety of a tree.

2 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings Online: Into Lothlorien

  1. Yes, my Hunter is an Elf. I think I played too intensively for too long. It should be good to pick up where she left off.
    I am loving the music and am appreciating the quest writing. Unlike the quests in many games, they are little storytelling gems and if you're a fan of the books, they certainly help you feel as if you're in Tolkien's world.
    As it turned out, leaving Middle Earth allowed me to go back to Galaxies and enjoy that world before it was shut down forever.
    Playing multiple games as I am now is a good thing. I am not too invested in any of them so they can't break my heart, and you get an appreciation for all of them and what is possible so it's all good.

  2. I had the same feeling when Lothlórien was initially released! I was so disappointed with what it looked like. Then again, I think it's always hard to give credit to how we imagine worlds from reading a book. That's why I'm always a bit afraid to watch movies based on a book I'm very fond of – it can change the visual ideas I imagined and replace them with what I watched (or, in this case, played through).

    However, I was still enthralled enough at the time to play through LotRO's Lothlórien. I only gave up playing on 'endgame level' after Riders of Rohan.

    I don't know if your hunter happens to be an elf, but there are some hilarious quests poking fun at how elves are described by Tolkien. For instance, there's one where you have to sing to trees (in Tolkien's books, elves are almost always singing whenever they appear). I always appreciated that playful joke of the devs.

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