Throwback Thursday LOTRO Cover Story: Computer Games Magazine

Over the last weekend I went through tons of my paper files and found this magazine from 2006 featuring upcoming MMO Lord of the Rings Online and Monster Play.

Written by the incomparable Cindy Yans, the article was titled:  “There and Hack Again”  Is giving Lord of The Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar a good dose of PvP like trying to force a Balrog through the eye of a needle?  Turbine will find out next year.

Note I did read the LOTRO Community forum posts from former Turbinite Aylwen.  I played from 2006 to maybe 2009 (?) steadily and I was never anything but impressed with all the staffers there.  I thought they were tremendously dedicated and hard working and really nice (there is no higher praise from me than to be called nice, believe me).  It has been yet another interesting news week.

The Darkmoon Faire Race

I’ve run the race with varying characters a few times now.  It can be a little addicting to try to beat your time.

I’d like to have some in race screenshots, but I’m driven, if I may say so, to try to beat the race and myself so, no can do.

That said, I can’t get better than the Leadfoot Achievement (15 tolls).  I lack boldness is my suspicion. Need to brave some of those jumps and electrical stun wires.

I see other people bypassing some of the banners to save time no doubt, but I’m used to racing games requiring you to go through all of those banners. 

Some people are getting 11 Tolls which gives them the Roadhog Achievement.

Look at this woman, she gets it and clearly misses going under two banners.

The Secret World I’m On Fire


Each person that had an available quest had quests labeled HARD or VERY HARD.  I’m still trying to figure out everything so I’d like one that said EZ.  As it turned out the Hard were not so hard.  (I haven’t taken a Very Hard quest yet).

I had a quest to find some Missing townsfolk.  Every one of them was dead (as in a mere corpse) or munching on the dead.  They like to lurk in alleys, as a tip.  They also like to hang out in gangs of zombie buds so you need to click on each townie zombie to see if it is your (former) person.

I seem to be able to take on groups of up to six without dying (knock on wood I still haven’t died so far).  The last guy I looked for was the Fire Chief, and those stinkin’ zombie firemen each on their own were tougher than any group of three.  Get two and eek.

I got credit for the fire chief just for locating him and clicking on him from across the room.  I could have scooted away but no, over in the corner was one of those Lore Honeycomb things.  As if I could pass it by. 

Next up a Supply Run.  They do them on the Walking Dead all the time.  Everyone loves a good supply run.  I love the phone book page that is used to show you which store to look for.  It’s right out of an Adventure RPG game.

However, the Walking Dead doesn’t pop Boss Robots out at you as the Secret World does.

I came upon a dead (corpse quality) cleaning woman lying on the pavement. Her cell phone had a message from some heartless person who brushed aside the cleaning woman’s safety, demanding that she go to the town church, use the first song listed for the church service, then find a rock under which was hidden surveillance footage of the right Reverend.  A tiny puzzle, but a puzzle. 
A map of charming Kingsmouth. 
I like the way the game is a combination of zombie shooter, Adventure RPG, Mystery/Puzzler all in one.
While there are players running all over, there isn’t anything going on like kill stealing or helping anyone that I’ve seen.  I feel guilty but when I see someone running by with six zombies on their tail, I smile a little and am glad it isn’t me.  Tsk.  Bad dog.
I hope to report again next time I didn’t die.  Just because.

Cartoon Warning: EQ 2 Message in a Bottle Quest

Bitstrips used to be a favorite Cartoon Generator but now they want you to sign up via your Facebook Account so you can spam your annoying cartoons at everyone.  Peace, babies.  Here’s a crudely done one with no polish of any kind.  I like the stick figure though and might be able to draw my own.

I went back to the Abandoned Island and checked all the books and my recipe list,  and still do not have the recipe I need for the quest.

There is a nice walkthrough on EQ2 Traders that might help me.

In the meantime…

Old Cartoon Extravaganza

I really need to make more cartoons. I can’t draw so I’ve always used online generators.  Here are all the game related ones taking up space on my pc.  They seemed humorous at the time!


Not mine, obviously, but pretty cute.

I’m really sorry this one never worked out:

Wisely I appear to have not saved more of the older stuff.  I’ll just need to do some new ones.  Cause they’re so fun to do and sooo hilarious.   Joking.

Tidying Up

I’ve added lots of great blogs to the roll.  General and game specific blogs are always fun to read.

I have links to game specific sites and fan sites with pictures of my iconic characters from the games.  I love seeing them there 🙂   Many games don’t seem to have fan sites and some don’t even have well done wikis. It’s a shame.

My Twitter Feed thingie is gone because it is just a reminder that I don’t Tweet, though my gaming Twitter feed of other people Tweeting is most entertaining to read. 

Under Game Worlds and News (way at the bottom) are news sites, of course, and game companies whose games I play and enjoy.

I also looked at my January list of games I was looking forward to and added those so I can check on their progress more easily.  I left out the Nintendo and Sony PS4 games from the list since I won’t be playing those.  I must gratuitously put the picture from Yoshi’s Wooly World here because I love him.