Galaxies Tailor : Basic Clothing Customization

My little Tailor only has two skill boxes filled in. She doesn’t have many schematics yet.  Still, I was able to make a nice new outfit for my Ithorian sweetie (no pics).

Determined to get my Entertainer a new outfit, I sent her on a few delivery missions then went shopping on the bazaar.  There were very few items for sale, and they were all black and some other basic color.  I widened my search to the entire planet, and not a single new item came up. BOGGLE!
I had to see if there was anything I could make myself that was better than my brown diaper pants.

The crafting in this game is my favorite anywhere. Even at my low level, I can customize colors with a rather limited palette, not having to make or use dyes.

You’re able to choose and preview your color choices. At this level there are 60 shades on the selection box. At Master, there are 365 colors available, with some clothing items having metallic colors and other special colors.

Notice your name as Maker is on everything you create.  You are also able to give a name to your item.  You can name it absolutely anything you wish.  I usually leave the game given name in place, in this case “shorts”, and I say what color it is, in this case I called the shade “Stardust Black” which is the name, perhaps, of my future “company”.

For my Rodian I went with white for the top and bottom, because she is purple and came with those lovely red shoes.  I think it is an improvement over the brown baggy…

You can’t mail money or objects to another player here, so I put the outfit on the bazaar then had her buy it.  I could have set it down in our communal house, but that is 2000+ meters outside of Coronet in a slow X31 Landspeeder.

EQ2: The Common Lands

I’m glad I decided to go look at this area.  After the darkness of Darklight Forest and the even dimmer Nektulos Forest ahead, I go through a tunnel to sunshine and a savannah.

Perhaps it is just contrast, but it is the most beautiful place I’ve seen yet in the game.  It reminds me of World of Warcraft’s Barrens area, but the animals are nicely drawn and realistic looking.

Unfortunately the first quest I picked up took me into a cave called Wailing Cave (So close to Wailing Caverns but nothing like it inside).  Among other features it had a Pit of Death which I didn’t explore.

I liked that it had a spike trap!

These guys killed me because I wasn’t up to full health from my last fight.

Dead or no, I have a feeling there was much more to the cave, I’ll go back in once I find repairs.  I made level 20 on these quests which was I hoped for.  Cool area.  I’ll have to explore before moving to an area for my actual range.

Appearing Soon in a Cantina Near You: Sinome Sinuelle

I cracked.  Here is my little Rodian Entertainer named Sinome Sinuelle.   I thought the name went well with the sinuous motions a dancer has. 

She may not get much air time, but she’s always live when she’s around.  Currently at the Coronet Cantina to get started.  Once she has some experience and money she’ll begin a Nine Worlds Tour.

Must get her a new outfit. The beginning Entertainer gets this awful bit of clothing that looks like she is wearing brown Depends.  Not a good look.

Ha, my Tailor can now drop the Entertainer skill points and put them towards Chef.

A Week in the Galaxy

I’ve had a week in my old favorite game playing combat and non-combat characters.  I spent many an hour arguing on forums in the past after the NGE saying that the original game was superior, and the counter argument by many was “You’re dreaming, it was awful, it was broken, you just don’t remember it correctly, blah blah.”

Dear Doubters, you were wrong.  You were always wrong.  After playing and beta testing many games in the intervening years, a single day back in the Galaxy, even, told me what I knew to be true.  This is the best game ever created.

It is a living, dangerous world.  Everything matters.  You can be anything, do anything.

Although there is much to like in the other games I play, not a single one of them is a living world where you have an alternate life.  You can have adventures in other games, but you’re just another pixel in the pot.


Scout/Ranger Wannabe

I have a Scout who is working oh so slowly it seems towards Master Ranger.  This character is the key for real success for the other characters because she will be able to go to any planet in the system and hunt the very best Creature Resources.  My Doctor wannabe and Chef wannabe really want to see her succeed.

Coronet is my favorite place, but everything in a ring around the city is hunted by others.  I had the idea to go to Tyrena, another starter city (when you create a character you can choose the planet and city they begin their adventures) to see if there were lower level creatures I could hunt. Yes, this is a good spot.  I also recalled Korvella being decent for beginner creatures and went there, but the area was pretty barren of spawns. 

Note this Corellian butterfly “cons” yellow to me, so I’m making progress.  For the longest while everything was red as in “Red You’re Dead”.  I have to admit there is something hinky about combat.  In some cases, I’m one-shotting (sp?) these.  In other cases, I do zero damage and have to run for it.  I don’t know if it is lag or what, but yow.


I wasn’t going to make a Medic at all because Healers in games have a weird existence, more so here than anywhere.

I cracked and made a nice Wookiee (who by chance looks exactly like my former Architect, so feels….).

The Coronet Med Center always seems to be full of Master and Novice Doctors, so a Wookiee Medic has little chance of getting someone to heal with their power ability as a noob to heal 22 damage.  Stand back!

I was on a different server than my Trandoshan spouse (this is how I know about those Scaly Secrets), and I used to look at his blackened HAM bars in wonder and wish he was on my server with all those delicious wounds.  He is MINE now, with his wild combat ways and darkened HAM bars.

We tried two lairs last night.  The first was a Gurrcat lair, which resulted in him dying and both of us being incapped numerous times.  Pack animals pack and attack in groups…No more dogs or cats…

                                         We ponder our constant death and incapacitations.

I had taken a Krahbu lair so we tried that with much better success.  We need to work on the technique of the Ranged person pulling the creatures over and the Brawler/Melee person then stepping in.

My toolbars, agh I really had them set up badly.  All my combat on one bar and heals on another. Bah I had to switch between mouselook and mouse mode to use them and death and incaps were a result (plus I can’t heal yet worth beans).

My spouse’s X31 vehicle blew up so we had to call it quits since there were HAM problems, cloning problems…

Back at the Coronet Med Center I kept trying to heal him as quickly as my Mind would hold out.  I felt like a dog with a bone, let’s be honest. I didn’t want anyone else to get that juicy xp.

I filled most of the three bottom boxes of Med Experience just in an hour or so working with my Ithorian mate.  Too good.


My crafting characters have spent the week doing Artisan missions between Coronet, Doaba Guerfel and Vreni Island for money.  This allowed me to buy a small home, backpacks for sorting resources and loot and two personal chemical harvesters and two wind harvesters.

Last night my Architect wannabe (3 boxes away) finally stood in front the public crafting station in Coronet and made pretty much everything she could make from the Artisan Engineering tree to advance her craft.

I had to purchase metal and fiberplast so I could make what I needed.  Luckily I found some for 1K for 1000 units of resource, which I could afford.

Extra crafting tools are always useful, and I have five characters who can use all of this stuff.  The survey devices are also so useful. 

I got two boxes last night, so I’m moving along. I was proud to train someone at the Starport this morning in Engineering 1.

Tailor/Maybe Chef

I was going to make this character Tailor Image Designer which is a fun combination.  Once I started thinking about how my characters could really use some foods, I think I will go Tailor Chef.  (I found zero Veghash for instance, anywhere in the galaxy. Rats.)

She has sort of been the “lead crafter”.  She bought the house, bought and placed those chem harvesters, tipped my spouse money for a new bike…She’s cool. 

I can’t tell you how pleasing it was for me to place and get running my first harvester since 2011.  Ah, nothing like it.  I got an 81% spot near our house!  Dept. of doh, I forgot to get power for the harvester so when I went to turn it on, nada.  My Architect purchased two Wind Power generators so this won’t happen again.

                                                   Selfie with beloved harvesters!

Start me up!
I never mastered Smuggler, but had a lot of fun slicing weapons for people and opening crates and creating spices during the short Combat Upgrade period.
She has my old smuggler’s name but I made her a Bothan this time which seems better suited to the character.
I placed her in Theed rather than Coronet because she’s all sneaky and what better hive of Imp activity than Theed?
After our experiences with lairs last night, I was going to be sure to Clone her, because she’s going to die, die die.  Yikes, 1000 credits to clone and that is what a new character has so…make some credits first then secure the clone.


The Secret World: Entering Solomon Island

I am excited to be in a new area called Solomon Island.  I notice it has a park with rides I had seen on a Massively Stream one day.  They talked about the park with such pleasantly horror filled memory that I can’t wait to get over there.

First, I’m in the basement of a house looking at a coded door to another set of Illuminati Tunnels.  How those guys love to dig.

I hope there aren’t any musical puzzles and gas for poor guesses on the other side.

Note thanks to commenter Tex, I found the correct vendor in the Haitian Market for reasonable and more colorful clothing.  I found that the Preview All Screen was actually working. It turned out that the preview put the item on my character onscreen so I could see how it looked on her.  It was just hidden behind the vendor window.  Moving that to the side let me see what I was buying.

I was able to travel to stylin’ New York and head into the depths of a parking ramp in a nice pink shirt.  I think the helmet with a light that kept going out was a nice touch.

For Illuminati Tunnel Gas Expeditions, I like a nice sea green shirt with adorable matching sneakers.

More once I crack the door code.

Everquest 2: Goodbye Darklight, I Hope

The highest level character I ever had in this game was a level 32 Templar.  She’s gone to The ALT Graveyard, of course. 

My Wizard just needs to complete the Quests in Darklight Wood.  I’m at 19 and a half.  I have just two quests in my log.  One is to get eight of something in the Spider Tunnels.  I actually peeked in the entrance one day and it seemed crammed full of spiders.  These are so aggressive, and and they appear to uncannily teleport which makes me think I should save that for the very last quest in the area.

The other quest is to get something from level 20 Briarstone Ancients.  I managed to kill one somehow one evening.  My other tries have resulted in me reviving at the Wanderlust Fair.

I was a bit discouraged after my last ignominious defeat, and went through the nearby tunnel to see what Nektulos Forest looks like.

Apparently Nektulos Forest is even darker than Darklight Woods.  The enemies were this guy at level 26 and two baddies in a camp at level 20 and 21.

I’m in the position of having completed what I can do successfully in my current area and it really isn’t going to work out for my Wizard to move onwards.

There is another area to the side of the current map called The Common Lands.  It was levels 10-20, I think, so perhaps I should go over there to see if I can gain the rest of my level.  Then I shall laugh, hahahaha at the spiders and Ancients.

Galactic Diary Day 3

I’m pleased to say working on a Gubber Lair yesterday has allowed me to use the game interface and the combat interface effectively so I can now conquer Scouting and Marksman Skills.

I was missing the combat skill queue display over on the right because my mind is a mysterious thing and duh.

I’m only getting a single unit of hide from these Gubbers, but I’m getting the Scout XP I need. 
Bigger creatures=more hide, check. 

I used traps on these guys. It made such a difference.  I have a camp ready if my health gets dodgy.  I should buy some Stimpacks.

If I can get my spouse to pick up Scout for awhile, I wonder if he can pick a different resource from the same dead animal.  That would be most excellent. I just don’t remember how it all works.

 I asked him yesterday if he wanted to pick up either medic or musician temporarily so we could heal in the camps. getting extra camp xp, Im hoping.  He sort of grunted non-committally. Ya never know what will work.

While I was working a Gubber, a guy on a Speeder stopped by and asked how long I had been playing.  I tried answering him between shots, very tricky but a testament to how far I’ve come along, right?

He said as he sped away that he was thinking of starting a Player Association, and I could join if interested.  I’m open to joining a Neutral or Rebel Guild, but this is the only game where it is in my very bones to not join the Empire, the Imperials, the BAD GUYS.  Our guy was an active Imp, so I sent a tell saying “You appear to be an Imp” and did not hear back.

I had a conversation via tells with the amazing Ysharros!  I am so shy before you get to know me, that perhaps I came off as…not sure…   Still, she is a hoot, and very generous of her time and knowledge.

Speaking of knowledge, I loved that people in Coronet were asking for skill training.  It is 100 credits to learn a skill tree, then 1000 credits for the first level which can be a bit much for a new person.  Likely the price goes up with each skill box level .  The mentoring system is such a good thing. It not only saves the player credits, but it gives you a person you can ask questions about the skill tree.  Invaluable.

As I’m thinking of what characters to place in the game (one every 24 hours up to ten! on the same server!), I’m remembering that my “Engineer” was completely NGE, and my “Ranger” was Combat Upgrade so, the skills they had very likely aren’t the same at all as I recall.  This is a good thing, adding to the absolute thrill of returning to an old/new game.

So far I have my Scout/Ranger wannabe and a Tailor/Image Designer wannabe.  Oddly I’m thinking Smuggler next.  I am able so far to use my old character names, and it is like bringing them back from you know where.  They live and adventure once more!

I encourage anyone who has the original disks and the desire to have unparalled adventure to head on over to      Register, and prepare for the very best world ever created.

See you in game, Atheren