WOW Notes

I actually played quite a bit this weekend, and WOW was one of the games I played.  I got all my girls through Darkmoon Faire.  I ran the race with everyone, getting nailed by new floating “Mini-Zeps” which are level 100 teeny zeppelins that sail over to you and slow you down mightily.  I just couldn’t seem to avoid them.

Since I don’t always keep up on patch notes, I noticed, but didn’t try till my last character an all new track that is at the left of the original.  Holy Moleans Rocky.  I was so unprepared for the track.  I got lost pretty quickly and was up and down the hillside and swimming through the water watching the tolls of the bell just go bong bong bong. 

I will make sure I have some Elixir of Water Walking with me next time.  Cone of shame city. I tried to just end the race by making my way back to the start but the race wasn’t having any of that. Bong bong bong!  Finally I went through the banners as they wanted me to and I could end it all. Man.

New this time around also were prizes for doing the races.  Randomly I got mostly Darkmoon Prize Tickets, but I also picked up a Stationary Carousel Gryphon Ride that you could place for three minutes (but I didn’t because…my precious…).   Good thing I have 11 characters I could run through because I really liked the possibility of getting an interesting prize and would have sent a single character through over and over to see what you could get if it were allowed (which it isn’t you only get the prize first on the run through).

I see in the PTR Patch Notes they’re bringing in a Whack-a-Mole game to the Faire and some potions, NEW FISH! and…I thought I saw cooking recipes…

Darkmoon Faire

  • New Darkmoon Potions: A new set of Darkmoon potions can be purchased for one Darkmoon Prize Ticket from the Draughts and Tinctures vendor, Faldar Willowshade at the refreshments table.
  • Darkmoon Fishing: The elusive Darkmoon Daggermaw can now be caught off of the shores of Darkmoon Island. Return them to Galissa Sundew at the docks for a variety of prizes.

Also highly of interest to me is the opening of the Tanaan Jungle area and missions which will get you a Shipyard for your Garrison where you could have a SUBMARINE among other ships.  So exciting!  As my niece would say: Want!

2 thoughts on “WOW Notes

  1. Woman the torpedoes, we say! Permission to lower the scope!
    Never Give In, Battle Cry:

    Take her fast,
    Take her deep,
    Take her where the fishes sleep..
    Damn the depth,
    Damn the pressure!

    Ahem, just getting in the spirit of owning a sub 🙂

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