Appearing Soon in a Cantina Near You: Sinome Sinuelle

I cracked.  Here is my little Rodian Entertainer named Sinome Sinuelle.   I thought the name went well with the sinuous motions a dancer has. 

She may not get much air time, but she’s always live when she’s around.  Currently at the Coronet Cantina to get started.  Once she has some experience and money she’ll begin a Nine Worlds Tour.

Must get her a new outfit. The beginning Entertainer gets this awful bit of clothing that looks like she is wearing brown Depends.  Not a good look.

Ha, my Tailor can now drop the Entertainer skill points and put them towards Chef.

2 thoughts on “Appearing Soon in a Cantina Near You: Sinome Sinuelle

  1. Time to get the band back together! I can move her to the Theed Cantina if that's where you're based or wherevever. Available most evenings generally. Though not Tues or Friday this week and the weekends are always good.

  2. We need to coordinate this. I have a novice Ent and have never leveled one AFK and don't intend to start now. Some of the best times I had in SWG (and there were many) were while leveling entertainers…

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