Galaxies Tailor : Basic Clothing Customization

My little Tailor only has two skill boxes filled in. She doesn’t have many schematics yet.  Still, I was able to make a nice new outfit for my Ithorian sweetie (no pics).

Determined to get my Entertainer a new outfit, I sent her on a few delivery missions then went shopping on the bazaar.  There were very few items for sale, and they were all black and some other basic color.  I widened my search to the entire planet, and not a single new item came up. BOGGLE!
I had to see if there was anything I could make myself that was better than my brown diaper pants.

The crafting in this game is my favorite anywhere. Even at my low level, I can customize colors with a rather limited palette, not having to make or use dyes.

You’re able to choose and preview your color choices. At this level there are 60 shades on the selection box. At Master, there are 365 colors available, with some clothing items having metallic colors and other special colors.

Notice your name as Maker is on everything you create.  You are also able to give a name to your item.  You can name it absolutely anything you wish.  I usually leave the game given name in place, in this case “shorts”, and I say what color it is, in this case I called the shade “Stardust Black” which is the name, perhaps, of my future “company”.

For my Rodian I went with white for the top and bottom, because she is purple and came with those lovely red shoes.  I think it is an improvement over the brown baggy…

You can’t mail money or objects to another player here, so I put the outfit on the bazaar then had her buy it.  I could have set it down in our communal house, but that is 2000+ meters outside of Coronet in a slow X31 Landspeeder.

5 thoughts on “Galaxies Tailor : Basic Clothing Customization

  1. Yow. I see what you mean. I hadn't read the rules and policies on a single IP address. I can certainly provide pics of the discs and ourselves if need be. Sniff. If I can't share the Galaxy with my sweetie, then poof. Taking lots of screenshots!

  2. I assumed since we are both using a separate set of original discs it was fine. We haven't had any problems.
    I haven't tried the multiple instance thing, but can see it would be nice for tipping my characters money or fixing my scout with my Image Designing skills. Do you see both onscreen at once or how does that work?

  3. Ah, I was totally unclear! I meant for the Emulator — there are rules about creating accounts there I thought (something I read on the forums a couple of weeks back?), but since you and spouse have had no issues, I'm guessing we wouldn't either. What the EMU folks don't want, presumably, is someone making more than one account that they use themselves. Which with 10 chars per account would be a little over the top…

  4. I'll let you know when I hit Master. My Ithorian spouse wants a hat and goggles so I'm trying to speed it up.
    We had four copies of the game, purchased over time. However two of the boxes were empty when I went to install. I would not have tossed them. Must dig. If I can find them would you like one for your spouse?

  5. Eeeee eeeee eeeeee! I just spent 6k I didn't have yesterday on some clothing items, I'd much rather spend them at your vendor! 🙂

    Also, remember you can legally log in 2 chars on a single account (i.e. run 2 instances of the emulator). Just tick the multiple instances box in the launcher and tada!

    That's assuming you and the spousal unit aren't sharing an account. I know they have some possibly weird rules about accounts per household or something? I was wondering how that would work if my spousal unit decides he wants to come back to MMOs (if anything does it, it would be SWG…).

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